Charity Shop Challenge

UPDATE: We now have a flickr page to upload your finds to: check it out!

Twitter is a wonderful communication tool, especially for those of us who are self-employed and don’t have a regular team of buddies to work beside. Today, a wee group of us (who all love a good rummage in our local charity shops) decided to go bargain hunting, then report back with any exciting finds.

The idea of rummaging en masse seemed to appeal to many a twitter-friend, and so Charity Shop Challenge was born!

Hilary took the liberty of penning our Charity Shop Challenge guidelines. I can’t wait to get going!

The Guidlines

1. Your outfit must comprise of a key-garment from a charity shop plus any other pieces/accessories etc to make up an ‘ensemble’.
2. Annotate your outfit. Include a description of the garments/ where you bought or found each piece/ price of charity find.
3. Upload your image onto your blog by the last friday of each month.
4. On the last friday of the month tell everyone about it and tweet with the hashtag #charityshopchallenge
5. Extra credit for those who customise their charity shop find.

Photo of a very cool New York Salvation Army store via


  • whatkatiefound says:

    this is a great idea, I am definitely going to remember this challenge next time I visit the charity shops!

  • Kimber! says:

    ooh I really want to do this but I'm rubbish at finding decent charity shop stuff. Incentive to try harder? 🙂

  • Nikki McWilliams says:

    Definately a good excuse to try harder- or go to some new charity shops! It's going to be fun puting together a cool second hand outfit- exciting!

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