New Couch Biscuits

After the creation of my Tunnock’s Teacake Cushions last year, I’ve spread my screen-printing wings into the world of couch decoration!

This week, I finally got around to realising a cushion idea that had been floating around in the back of my head since I was at Art School. I’d started experimenting with quilting, and inevitably I quilted a biscuit.
So, here it is- the Custard Cream Cushion! It’s hand-printed onto lovely cotton, and is available to buy right now in my Folksy shop.


  • dropstitch says:

    Oh, I love this cushion! I have an image of a whole sofa covered in these and your teacakes to dive into – nom nom nom.

  • Nikki McWilliams says:

    Our sofa is a bit sad looking at the moment- but we've got a really swish-looking new chocolate coloured leather one on it's way next Wednesday- I'll be taking lovely couch & cushion lifestyle photographs very soon!

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