London, Rain & Raffaellos

It’s now two weeks since I set off for London and Top Drawer-and it feels like yesterday, and months ago all at the same time. I’ve had loads on my to-do list since I’ve been back, including blogging, which has steadily been getting further and further down my list. So- today I am catching up- here’s a fortnight in pictures and a wee bit about what I’ve been up to!

Top Row: Sticking up my logo vinyls and catching the train to the Olympia at Top Drawer
Second Row: Lovely birthday chocolates from my friend Veronika and meeting kittens
Third Row: The dawn sky from the London to Glasgow sleeper train and drinking champagne at Zandra Rhodes’ Jewellery launch
Bottom Row: Insanely lucky charity shop find: New Toffel Swedish Hasbeens for £6.00 and our gloriously sideways Scottish weather

With daylight hours getting shorter, and the familiar sight of fairisle emerging in the shops- winter is approaching fast! Time to dig out the scarf and mittens to brave the cold- and a pair of 150 deniers if I want to give the Hasbeens an outing in 2011.


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