Rainy Day Giveaway


Competition Time - Iced Ring Cushion

Well, it’s been a wee while now since my last competition– and seeing as Scotland’s weather has reverted back to its usual cold & blustery self- I’ve decided to throw a little competition to brighten things up a bit!

I’m giving away one of my Iced Ring cushions – in the winner’s choice of colour (either Pink, Lilac or Peach).

All you need to do to be in with the chance to win is tell me:

Q: What was your favourite childhood biscuit, and why?

Leave your answers as comments on this blog post and dont’ forget to include some contact details so that I can get in touch if you win!  The competition is open to entrants worldwide and will run for 7 days from now- closing at 6pm on Friday the 22nd of June.

I’ll consider every entry carefully before choosing my favourite answer as the winner.

Good Luck everyone!


  • favourite biscuit:, bourbon/custard cream.
    whats more fun that biting them in half and then nomming on the cream thingies in the middle 😛

  • Talia says:

    I was always fund of the humble digestive. Without chocolate. Happy Faces scared me, I made a mess with Jammy Dodgers, but you could never go wrong with a simple, crumbly digestive. Dunked in tea!

  • cLare says:

    i dont know if it counts as a biscuit, but i used to love those ‘pink wafers’. when i went to my grandmas house, i used to have them there, aw. lovely memories of being there 🙂


  • Jess Brooke says:

    pink wafers.
    they remind me of visiting me nana and grandad when i was younger. she used to open the cupboard under the stairs (her pantry) and bring out a very old tin, and it would be a surprise what kind of biscuits would be in there this time. i always chose a pink wafer, which i’d then try and share with timmy the tortoise (he’s about 60 now!).

  • Kristy says:

    My favourite biscuits were the Jubillee biscuits my grandma used to get. They had 2 rows of pink marshmallow with jam down the middle then topped with coconut. We used to make them last for ages by eating the marshmallow them spreading the jam! They bring back happy memories of Grandma and Grandma who are long since gone.

  • Hazel says:

    Although I was a big fan of party rings (still am, shh), my favourite was always Cadbury’s Animal Biscuits, partly because they are super tasty (I’m 27 and my Mum still puts them in my stocking at Christmas), but also because they give you a pretty good reason to eat loads of them. One of each animal? Yes please.

  • My favourite biscuit when I was younger (and still is!!) is a Jaffa Cake! I used to carefully bite all the chocolate off the top, then suck the orange marmalade, then eat the biscuit! lol I used to get told off every time from my Dad – but still did it anyway! lol

    Steph xxx

  • Giselle says:

    My fave childhood biscuits were malted milks; in fact, they still are. It must something about their golden wheatiness. As a child I’d enjoy them dunked into warm milk or hot chocolate and they would soften slightly making ‘biscuit clouds’ (as I then called them) on my tongue.

    I used to play both parents off each other, often resulting in up to 4 biscuits… way over my 1 biscuit allowance. Score!

  • Dominique Maynard says:

    OMG that’s easy. Being an RAF child and growing up in Germany…they had these AMAZING cute little biscuits shaped like koalas and stuffed with chocolate – boy I miss those. Nostalgia at its finest. :o) maybe I should start a petition to bring those babies back?!

    • Katy says:

      You can still get them in the Harvey Nicks food hall, my little girl loves them. They do a strawberry version too 🙂

      • Dominique Maynard says:

        OMG this has made my year…I’m actually going to make a 200 mile round trip to London especially for these…thank you soooooo much!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaay! Thank you thank you thank you x :o)

  • Emma Collins says:

    Though the party ring is one of my favourites, i would have to say my heart belongs to the custard cream!

    When i was young I remember taking a big packet of custard creams into my living room to eat whilst watching a film and i licked the custard out of every biscuit…my mum was not impressed. Now i make sure to enjoy the whole biscuit by dunking it in s nice hot cup of tea 🙂


  • Rachel says:

    Its got to be the jammy dodger! I just love the little jammy heart! Xx

  • Amy Reilly says:

    Mine were mint viscounts, I loved them! I don’t think we ever got them in the proper packets or foil wrappers though, cause my mum went to the biscuits factory’s reject shop and bought big bags of broken biscuits which was AMAZING!

  • sophie says:

    My favourites were mint viscount. They were our ‘posh biscuits’ in their shiny green wrappers. We only got them on special occasions and when we did it was a right treat – yummers!

  • Oonah says:

    The humble digestive: coming downstairs for breakfast every morning when I was at school, I always knew everything was ok when I saw 2 digestives being warmed up on the aga, ready for my dad to eat, with a wee bit of melty butter 🙂

  • Jen says:

    My boys adore party rings. For me childhood was all about things like figgy biscuits and tunnocks tea cakes, but my absolute favourites were wagon wheels. They seemed so much bigger than they d today and used to last for ages

  • Robyn Donoghue says:

    Fav biscuit as a child would have to be the Viscount Mint Biscuit! Everytime my parents took the risky decision to take me to the supermarket I would sing ‘Mint Biscuits Na-Na’ in a triumphantly loud voice until they inevitably pacified me by buying a pack.

    Ps it is my 20th birthday next Friday where I plan to eat many a party ring and jelly and ice cream combination in a nostalgic attempt to cling onto my younger years!

  • Amanda says:

    Bourbon creams, remind me of my Granny, she used to always have tins of Victoria biscuits on the go, even now still love them dipped in tea aand so do my kids and the dog!

  • Hello
    Great competition idea.
    My favourite biscuit was a yoyo because I loved the tasty biscuit and the shiny wrapper.

  • Joyce Ferguson says:

    mines has to be bourbon creams. chocolate was too expensive & a luxury when we were younger so we would pretend that our bourbon creams were bars of chocolate. So bourbon creams always brings back happy family memories 🙂

  • Lauren Gardiner says:

    I’ve always loved custard creams, despite being a chocoholic. I just like the idea of the cream sandwiched between two pieces of biscuit. I can never decide how to eat them though; do I eat them as they are, pull them apart and eat the cream on it’s own, or dunk them in tea!? Since I usually consume them in vast quantities, I get the chance to do all three, thankfully!

  • christie wilson says:

    My granny used to make the most fantastic shortbread, so my sister and i grew up with that. Unfortunately I do not do the recipe justice.

    My favourite shop bought biscuit would be jammie dodgers. I like to nibble the top half off to find the 3d heart jam. Iced jems are also high up on my nibble list 😀

    Great competition! Your work is fab!

  • Viki Beaney says:

    Without doubt, Fig Rolls. Y.U.M!

  • Clare T says:


    Definitely had something to do with the advert!

  • Malted milks. We’d have them at play school with a cup of milk and apparently I used to come home with an indented ring shape on my forehead from the cup where I had enthusiastically drunk the milk! Malted milks taste ‘cosy’ I think, perfect with a cuppa.

  • Hayley Boyer says:

    Jam Wagon Wheel.
    100% better then the plain one.
    I use to carefully part the 2 bicuits then eat the one that didn’t have jam on it. Then roll the marshmallow middle up and leave for a sec while I ate the other side then finally you were left with a yummy gooey marshmallow & jam mess – yum 🙂

  • Hannah Lewis says:

    That’s a tricky question, as they’re all good! Though malted milks stand out – I remember my first trip away from home, going on a self-catering trip to kayak rivers in Wales, and my Mum packed me a packet of malted milks – and now they taste of home. Ah… Plus you have to give them points for attention to detail, no other biscuit had cows on (I think!)!!

  • OY says:

    When I was little it had to be the gingernut – so golden, sweet, aromatic and spicy. What I really loved though was that hard crunchiness that was oh so satisfying to gnaw into! Crunch crunch crunch!

  • Victoria says:

    Mine has to be Jammie Dodgers 🙂

  • Natalie Sinclair says:

    McVitie’s Gold biscuits!!! AMAZING. They still are my favourite. They aren’t like all the other biscuits – they don’t have milk chocolate- and its not even like white chocolate… it has its own distinctive taste (and smell! now I think about it) and it has the perfect biscuit to coating ratio (slightly more more coating than you need but you WANT it). YUMMY.

  • Zoe says:

    Has to be chocolate bourbons – we were never allowed them at home so it was such a treat to have one a friends house or party that I’d eat LOADS. They’re still the first biscuit I reach for and are perfect for dunking in tea (or hot chocolate)!

  • Tammy Robinson says:

    I used to love Gypsy Creams, they are my favourite! They remind me of being little, snuggled up on the sofa with my granny watching Singing in the rain on an old Black and White TV. Best times, I miss then so much 🙂

  • Sarah D says:

    Jammie Rings from M&S, I liked to seperate the two halves and eat them, it was a good biscuit if I could get the base off and leave all the filling attached to the top

  • Tracey says:

    Toffypops. Now they make me think of playing The Faraway Tree with my sister in my mum and dad’s room. They’d let us sleep in their bed sometimes and we’d press the ‘buttons’ on their 80s velveteen studded headboard and pretend we were in the land of goodies being dispensed cakes and biscuits every time we pressed a button.

  • I have to agree with Tracey and say Toffeepops. They were also a more recent addiction when the shop next to my old flat used to sell 2 packs for a £1…oh the numbers of afternoons I sickened myself with an entire packet with my cuppa!

  • leona-jayne kelly says:

    a garabaldi (is that how you spell it?) for some reason they are my favourite. The weird shrivled rasins in their biscuit coating. I can still eat packets at a time. Why. I dont know they just remind me of home.

  • Hi Nikki, lovely cushions as usual! I would have to say the ‘club’ biscuit which brings back loads of childhood memories, my husband and I were only talking about them the other day! I think my fave was fruit variety and my oh’s was mint. I remember the packaging very well, silver foil inside and an illustrated paper wrapper…yum!

  • Bethany Jack says:

    Definitely ice gems, trying to bite all the sweet gem part off and putting the little biscuit back in the bag and then eating all the biscuits 🙂 xxx

  • Katie Whittaker says:

    Hi Nikki, I love these party ring cushions! Got to say there was nothing quite like a party ring, would never leave the buffet table at parties! Wearing them as rings, was good excuse to leave a party with supplies for the trip home!

  • Lisa says:

    Party rings… I loved biting the icing off them before eating the biscuit 🙂 x

  • Katy says:

    Another vote for malted milks. I loved them dipped in Horlicks, malt overload!!!

  • A Trio.
    I still remember the ad,
    “Trio! Triiiiiiio”

  • Amy Cromwell says:

    My favourite childhood biscuit was a garibaldi. They remind me of gransha, he loved anything sweet and I fondly remember sitting with him & dipping them in a cup of tea. Simple and humble the garibaldi is thin, crispy & full of juicy currants yet when dipped in a cup of tea they become soft and squashy!

  • Sheila says:

    I loved Rich Tea biscuits especially when my mum had made pink icing, spread it on a Rich Tea and stuck another one on top to make a special Rich Tea Sandwich! Happy memories.

  • Elaisa Jane says:

    My Favorite biscuits when I was little was Skyflakes . It’s really good and tasty . It’s a lil bit salty and it’s a great appetizer . Every time I eat it , it brings back wonderful memories from my childhood . I never get tired of eating it! It’s my favorite! <3

  • Has to be the toffee yoyo…I remember them being the size of my head. I miss them 🙁

  • Anna says:

    Coconut creams. My grandad used to get them sent from Ireland and to get the pink mallow one – particularly two pink ones sandwiched together – was joy indeed.

    Also mint Viscounts, although when the foil hit a filling it ruined the experience somewhat.

  • Dorrie says:

    Mine was Tunnock’s teacakes. I used to try and eat them in different ways like eating the biscuit first or nibbling the chocolate off and eating the mallow then biscuit last. I was always really jealous of my uncle because he could bite the whole chocolate top off first, leaving the mallow intact and I could never do it. However, I’m pleased to report that after nearly 30 years of practice, I’ve finally mastered it. 😉 D x

  • Mairi says:

    All chocolate Breakaway. My mum used to work in the Rowntree Mackintosh factory in Glasgow and would sometimes ‘forget’ to put the biscuit in one or two and then take them home for us. Used to get very jealous looks from my friends when I’d sneak them into my lunchbox next day!

  • Beth Lamont says:

    Has to be a ginger nut!! Best memories of being at my grandma’s with a glass of milk while she had tea ( i didn’t like tea when I was younger) and seeing how long it would last being dunked. I’m pretty sure I counted to 8 as the perfect time 😀

  • Catherine says:

    Oh i loved all the biscuits I could get when I was little…My favourites were party rings. I think because they were so sweet, looked pretty and if they were on a plate it was usually at a party. Mmmm.

  • Annie says:

    Tough decision! Loved a pink wafer, but will probably have to go for a jaffa cake.
    Recently me and my boyfriend decided to make giant versions of Jaffa cakes for a party, and they were amazing! Took ages to make, but well worth the end result, and all our friends faces when they seen it!

  • Alison Best says:

    As a child and even now I would have to say my favourite biscuit is the Tunnock’s mallow biscuits! This is probably because my grandmother bought a box of 32 a week and I almost every time managed to scoff them all!!! (I was a plump child) LOL 🙂

  • Martin Reid says:

    Had to be a rich tea, they were about the only biscuit that was a challenge when dunking into your cup of tea. Leave it too long and sploosh, too short and it could break off all down the front of your dungarees. They should have came with a health warning or instructions for dunking.

  • zoweh says:

    My favourite was jammy dodgers. I used to love the swirly design they had in the early 90s – got a bit upset when they changed it to the splat! Plus they’re filled with jam, it’s like a cheeky shortbread doughnut. I love the name, too. Sounds like a character from The Beano or something, which I used to get every week. Makes me super nostalgic 🙂

    I always think fondly of jammy dodgers though, mostly because when I was a very little girl and went to play group with my mum, there used to be a little boy called David who would get his mum to give him extra jammy dodgers so he could give them to me. I think he must have been my first valentine!

  • Hundred and thousand biscuits! They were such a special treat when I was a kid being saved for birthdays and parties. Now as an adult I have refound them as I have not been well and nothing seems so uplifting than a hundreds and thousands pink biscuit! I love them.

  • Nikki says:

    Mint Clubs! When I was wee my gran had this amazing 70s retro biscuit tin and it was always full – kit kats, caramel wafers, blue ribands etc. The mint clubs made all the other biscuits taste slightly minty. When she died I asked for the biscuit tin which now lives in my larder and occasionally I’ll have a wee sniff inside it and I’m 8 years old again!

  • Michelle says:

    Mine would have to be the bourbon biscuit. They are a favorite with my children now too 🙂 x

  • Amber says:

    Always has been and will be a custard cream! The perfect dunker with so many layers (that’s one deep biscuit)!

  • slaney hopkins says:

    mmm….mine would me cafe noir biscuits, but i have so many memories as it reminds me my nana , the times when i cried because my mum put my stepdads birthday cake in his face , but i really wanted to eat it , instead i got a cafe noir biscuit 🙂 , and they always melt in your mouth. and the fact i was only were allowed them round my nanas made the 100% better and special to me.

  • GillianE says:

    It had to be Toffee Pops! I was living The Enchanted Wood and Magic Faraway Tree dream whenever I had them, they were like their own Toffee Shocks, but way so much better… and real!

  • Chloe says:

    Party rings. Why? Well the name says it all doesn’t it.
    At parties we would always put them on our fingers and pretend that we were reallly tasty aliens….

  • Becky says:

    Hobnobs! their slogan was so true! “one nibble and you’re nobbled” loved sitting with my dad and dunkin’ them in his tea and him telling me to bugger off and dunk them in my own!

  • Maggiemou says:

    I used to love Club biscuits *If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our Club” – remember being allowed them as a special treat (I also love tunnocks caramels, my mum would buy a packet of them from the bakers van that came round to our village once a week)

  • Linsey Morgans says:

    It has to be the fig roll… my granny, our matriarch of the family, introduced me to the fig roll. Comforting regardless the weather. I would always eat it in the same way… big glass of milk & then devour it slowly, first taking the sides off, then the roof or top of the fig roll & then the base before enjoying the fig filling. Sometimes I would be daring & change how I ate them but either way I could polish an entire pack off in one sitting, even dunking them. Now I have an insatiable need for fig rolls!

  • Ruth Gordon says:

    Jammie Dodgers! I used to eat all the biscuit around the outside leaving just the jam heart for last! My mum used to say I burnt off all the calories I would gain eating it by doing it this way! I loved Party Rings too but always got told these were too expensive. Boo!

  • PINK WAFERS! As a child I was just mad about them! I was obsessed with most things pink, and especially the PINK PANTHER and my dad told me his favourite biscuits were Pink Wafers, and so I too tried to lead an existance fueld only by eating Pink Wafers. This didn’t go down too well with my mother, but I still tried all the same!

  • Bryoney Cook says:

    I loved fig rolls when I was wee. I never got them at home but my gran and grandad used to look after me after school until my mum finished at work. I used to get a milky tea, with FAR too many sugars and a few fig rolls (or rich tea biscuits if they had run out!). I used to eat all the pastry around the fig and save the sticky fig bit til last. Guaranteed to make a mess, but my gran never seemed to mind! Funny how a simple snack can evoke so many nice memories for everyone!! 🙂


  • @KeyserSuze says:

    Ooh, thanks for the competition!

    I have two favourite childhood biscuits – garibaldi (unimaginatively but quite sweetly, known as ‘dead fly biscuits’) and Gold bars, sadly now no longer made. You knew it was the weekend when it was a ‘two day night’ – two biscuit/cake choices after dinner!

    Suze x

  • Allan says:

    A traditional ‘Jammie Dodgers’ the original ones with the really sticky raspberry jam that was like a flavour explosion on you tongue and stuck to your teeth. The best part of them was trying to get the two parts of the biscuit apart without them breaking to get at the jam.


  • Kathryn says:

    I’ve always loved Ginger Nuts. I used to dunk them in orange squash but now I eat them with my tea 🙂
    Twitter: @katgotthecream

  • Angelia says:

    When I was a kid I always remember begging to stay at my aunts pretty much every weekend, it would always involve lots of tea and platefuls of delicious biscuits. To this day I still LOVE the awesome tunnocks tea cakes, I have to eat it a certain way, all the chocolate off first, then attack the marshmallow then the biscuit base, yum!! Even today eating one reminds me of being a kid 🙂

  • My favourite childhood biscuit is probably the Malted Milk.
    When I was in infant school we were always given one on special occasions. We used to all sit round in a circle and were told to eat it the ‘special way’. If we did we were given another. Being the greedy little pig I was I always remembered the ‘special way’ off by heart so I could get another. I still remember the order we used to do it in.
    First we used to nibble round the edge until the border was gone. Then we bit off the writing that said ‘malted milk’. After that, the grass was nibbled off from under the feet of the cows and the calf/milk tanker eaten. We then had to show the teacher the big mummy cow to be able to get an extra biscuit.
    It’s strange how such small thinks stick in your head for such a long time.

  • char says:

    I used to love Trio – we would only ever have them when we went to stay at my grandparents’ house in the summer holidays. They’d have a chocolate biscuit tin with an amazing collection. My sister and I also used to like Clubs and would go around singing the “If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit, join our CLUB!” song at each other, louder and louder, when it was biscuit time. I don’t even know if they still make them anymore.

    I would always get told off for my biscuit-eating antics; at home, where we would have shops’ own Bourbon biscuits, I would always dismantle them so I could scrape the filling off with my teeth – the best part.

  • Nicola Keir says:

    My favourite childhood biscuit was (and still is) a party ring!! No matter how hard I tried I could never fit my tongue in the middle! But to the day I still try!! I also liked the way it sparkled on my tongue!! 😀 mmmmmm x

  • ClaireP says:

    As a child I always had school dinners so a packed lunch for a school trip was a bit of a treat!
    We’d get sandwich, crisps, orange carton AND a mint viscount or an orange club!

    For your evey day biscuits it’d have to be orange or strawberry creams. No idea where mum got them from but they were great! Carefully eating the top layer of biscuit off them licking out the cream layer before scoffing the last piece of biscuit!

  • Fran hardy says:

    Honestly, party rings! I won’t even have a party now without party rings! The icing is top dollar! I’m not saying this just because its a party ring giveaway, its the truth! I also love custard creams and nice biscuits x

  • Sarah Mellor says:

    ‘If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club!’

  • Kat Stothert says:

    Funnily enough, my favourite biccy was (and still is) the Party Ring. Choosing which colour to have, sticking your finger through the middle as you eat it…biting the icing off…. they would soon all disappear… I still love these and so do my two children. A party just aint a party without them!! 🙂 x

  • Jordan Shone says:

    I think it would have to be Bourbons, even have a mug with one on. Reminds me of my grandparents house like most people. My grandad sneaking the biscuit tin into the living room when my gran wasn’t looking and letting me have a few before dinner 🙂 lovely memories x

  • Shelley Armes says:

    Wow – how exciting – I LOVE your cushions!! We are in the middle of moving and my other half has given me the go ahead to get a Digestive biscuit cushion for our rocking chair…. yippee… So expect an order soon!

    One of my best ‘biscuit’ childhood memories, was when I used to visit my Nan… she would have a huge tin in her larder…. it was called ‘the sweetie tin’ – it was always filled to the brim with lots of lovely things smarties, kit kate, wafer biscuits…. every child’s dream! I always remember choosing a Gold Bar – they were great… sickly sweet and covered in a thick toffee (?) flavoured coating, which you could nibble all round the sides… ah those were the days!!

    I may go out and get one tomorrow – if they’re still available that is – will reminisce about the good old days 🙂 x

  • Aliza says:

    My little brother used to hate sweet things. He still to this day would prefer grapes or a carrot to any sweet, sugary food. However, there was always one sweet, sugary food he would eat. They were chocolate Oreo cookies. Oreos are little round chocolate biscuits, sandwiched with delicious cream. They are very good and are made to “lick, stick and dunk “. They leave you with a dark brown tongue. My little brother would grab a packet of Oreos when my mum was ‘otherwise occupied’ and would demolish the whole packet, but he would only eat the cream and leave the biscuits. He would eat packets upon packets and hide the chocolate biscuits around the house. My mum was very confused when she found Oreo biscuits shoved down the side of the sofa!

  • Gemma says:

    My favourite childhood biscuit is a BN Biscuit because I used to go to France to see my Nana and Grandpa and they would buy lots of packets of these for us. A BN biscuit is a square, sandwich biscuit with a strawberry or chocolate filling with different smiley faces on one side and a “BN” logo on the other.

  • Greta says:

    Well I chose party rings because my gran used to buy them for me when I was little, and I loved them. I still love them, but I don’t eat them as much. They are round, and they are very colourful…

  • Timmy says:

    The biscuit I have chosen is the ‘Oreo’ as it reminds me of my holiday to Florida as it was there that I first had
    one. As of that holiday until about a couple of years ago, they were my favourite biscuit, but the novelty has worn off as they are no longer exclusive to the USA as they were before retail in Britain. An Oreo is basically a cross between two other biscuits; it has the round shape and double layer design with a filling of the ‘Jammie Dodger’, although it has a slightly smaller diameter and isn’t as thick. It also contains aspects of a chocolate bourbon, such as the chocolate biscuits and the creamy texture of the cream that holds them together, except it is white.

  • Joe says:

    The biscuits I have chosen are “Cadbury’s chocolate fingers”. The reason I have chosen these lovely biscuits is because myself, my auntie and my sister went for a walk around to look for bats. The walk lasted forever, or that’s what it felt like.

    When we got back to my auntie’s house we were promised a Dominos pizza but the menu was not there so we had a cheese toastie instead. After that we had our chocolate fingers.

    We had milk chocolate fingers and my cousin told us a new way to eat them to bite both ends off and such tea trough them. Everyone liked it except me and they were all shocked that I didn’t like them so I just ate mine normally.

  • Gillian says:

    When I was little, my gran would always bring biscuits over to our house in her little Tesco bag. She would bring loads but my favourite would be ‘Happy Faces’.
    Happy Faces are circular biscuits, with cream and jam inside, although the biscuit part is shaped like a smiley face revealing the cream and jam. Every time I ate them they made me feel happy!
    I loved going into the cupboard and finding a new packet of Happy Faces in it. One day I went into the cupboard and they were all gone! I would have to wait until Friday for my Gran to come over but it was only Tuesday – I couldn’t wait that long! I started to eat other biscuits instead – I had no choice
    Years later, I looked in the biscuit jar and they were back! When I saw them I realised how long it had been since I had last had them. I loved them so much and I was so glad my Gran bought them again!

  • Lisa says:

    I have chosen to write about “Tunnock’s Teacakes” because I have a few
    memories from when I was little. My gran used to give me a Tunnock’s
    Teacake when I went round to see her. First I would take off the wrapper,
    I would then eat off the topof the biscuit the top was marshomallow. Once
    I had finished the top I would eat the biscuit at the bottom. Now when I
    go to my grans I still eat the teacakes and in the same way I uesd to.

    Tunnock’s Teacakes have been around for a while and they are Scottish too!

  • Gregor says:

    My favurite childhood memory of a biscuit is a Party Ring because when I was wee my Mum and Gran used to buy them for me but they always put them in a high cupboard out of my reach. At first I always had to ask for them down but as I started to grow I realised that I could climb onto the unit and reach the cupboard. When I pulled them down I would open the packet and pick out all my favourite colours they were purple, pink and yellow.

    When I eat this biscuit I eat it in a weird way. What I do is: lick the icing off first, then I would eat the plain biscuit. However my Dad liked them too so then he started to eat the colours that I liked, so my mum had to buy double but made me eat the bad colours too.

  • Abbie says:

    Since a young age I have not been allowed to eat a lot of sweets or chocolate biscuits. Maybe an odd custard cream, malted milk or a digestive biscuit, though in my opinion I find that custard creams can become slightly addictive! But, I like to dream BIGGER! Maybe a Jammy Dodger or a Party Ring? Party rings are ever so colourful. The bursts of COLOUR can simply blow your mind. The yellows, pinks, purples, oranges and hot pinks are just fantasizing!

    My first taste of a party ring was mouth-watering. The flavour indescribable. Although, one too many can be a bit sickly…

    My favourite biscuit is a Malted Milk because I like the intricate design on the border and the iconic image of the cow.

  • Katie says:

    When I was little I can remember that my Gran used to dip NICE
    biscuits into her tea. They are a plain biscuits with sugar sprinkled on
    the top and also NICE biscuits are from Nice in France and so are pronounced “Nice” and not “nice” – they do taste nice though!

  • Emily says:

    At my birthday party when I was about 7 there was a plate of party rings
    and everyone kept eating all of them so I never got one!

    Party rings are a biscuit with a sugar coated top, you get them in yellow,
    pink, orange and lilac and other colours too, they usually have a wavy line
    or too going through it which is a different colour.

  • Tom says:

    My biscuit is the “Oreo”! Oreos remind me that a small delicate biscuit can
    bring back great memories of pure joy! An Oreo is made up of two circular
    dark brown cookies combined by a light cream that beautifully makes up “the
    gorgeous Oreo”! An Oreo tastes like “cookies and cream” and it combines both
    these into a single biscuit. When eating an Oreo , one should twist it , then
    lick the cream , then put it back together both of the cookies. Alternatively
    one can dip it in milk and eat. This is the amazing beauty of “the Oreo”. I
    really like Oreos – they bring back memories of when I was a child

  • Sarah Foster says:

    My favorite has to be Foxs golden crunch creams and they still are now but I did try for the first time the other day Foxs chocolate fudge crunch creams which were a very close second and if you haven’t tried these yet I recommend that you do yummy!!! xx

  • Angela Moore says:

    As a child of the 70’s there were many bright, sweet, sticky and sickly biscuits to choose from but my favourite was the reliable old Jammie Dodger. Not only did I love the heart in middle but it was also a window to the lovely raspberry jam that sandwiched the two halves of shortbread-esque biscuits together. I think I also liked the feeling of getting two biscuits for the price of one as my mother’s close friend was a biscuit disciplinarian and if she said you could have two biscuits and you chose a Jammie Dodger (or bourbon or custard cream) and another, say a rich tea, then she considered that three biscuits were being selected and something had to give. If you were only allowed one then the favoured Jammie Dodger was firmly out of bounds. So when my mother allowed us biscuits she was by comparison rather casual about the whole tea time treat. So if she said you could have two biscuits I’d like to occasionally take two Jammie Dodgers and secretly think that I was having four biscuits. The feeling of naughtiness in the presence of Jammie Dodgers has continued into my adult life and I wondered if I won your gorgeous Jammie Dodger cushion whether it would feel like one cushion or two…?

  • Katie says:

    When I was about three years old my Mum told me that I woke up screaming. When she asked me what was wrong, I said that there was an army of green frogs trying to put raspberry and strawberry jam in my eyes!

    The next day I was eating a Jammie Dodger whilst my Mum was telling my Dad about the ordeal. I vividly remember the small, jammie yheart in the centre of the cream coloured, circular biscuit. To this day I still think of the green frog nightmare when I see a Jammie Dodger!

  • Flora says:

    You still can’t beat the pink wafer for full on 70’s biscuit style. They are always the first thing to be devoured at my kids parties even now. It must be the nutrients they are packed with that the kids love…

  • Helen says:

    Ahhh, The Red Tin was where we’d go for biscuits when we were allowed. Think the biscuits inside were just whichever ones were on special offer in the supermarket that week. My faves were mint Yoyo’s though. Round and wrapped in green shiny foil that you could fold up and make something with after you’d finished your biccie 🙂

  • Gabi says:

    It has to be pink wafers, something that sugary and pink was almost always too good to eat and felt a little bit naughty while it had the added bonus of being so light you could justify having more than one to mum! Mmm, with all this talk of biscuits i think it must be snack time. Tea anyone?!

  • Grace says:

    Rich Tea Finger Biscuits are my favorite! I would dip them in hot cocoa and let it melt in my mouth!

  • Has got to be the humble ginger nut, a cheap and cheerful treat that has seen me through the years, from my grans biscuit tin when I was wee – to the tupperware tub she gave me when I got my own place.

    In fact I love them so much I am now dating my very own ginger nut (ter) !

  • Dawn Gilson says:

    I love all biscuits, but my favourite would have to be Fig Roll, although Rich Tea, Party Rings and Jammy Dodgers are lush too.

  • Helen says:

    It obviously has to be the party ring. when I was a kid every party or family gathering had them and even now as an adult I feel every party should have them. Loved putting them on my finger and biting around the edge and sucking off the coating to leave just the biscuit. oh yummy – away to get some now.

  • Ginger nuts. When I was 5 I ate a whole pack when my mum turned her back for a moment. As a grown up they’re perfect dunkers during a 5 minute skive at work. A lifetime of naughty biscuit satisfaction.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This might be controversial… the Cadbury’s chocolate fingers were mine *gasp* but with an added extra! Every year on my birthday when I was a wee person and maybe I had a group of friends round or a little party, my mum would have out the same party snacks and I loved it. Chocolate fingers would turn into ‘traffic lights’ by putting a tiny bit of melted chocolate or icing on a smartie, and sticking a green, yellow and red smartie in a line onto the chocolate finger. These were so popular- a chocolate overload combination! I remember enjoying it because I’d be able to help her create them as well. Years later I made them for a friend who had never had a birthday party as a small person, along with getting out party rings, cheese and pineapple on sticks, the works! I think she appreciated it! 🙂 Hehe.

  • I loved penquins! Mostly because of the jokes or facts on the back! They were soo yummy!

  • Denise says:

    I loved Jaffa Cakes, the best thing was to eat all the cake bit, then eat off all the chocolate and get left with just the orange jelly! It was a great day if you could get all the chocolate off without damaging the jelly at al!

  • Gemma Luker says:

    It was always those happy faces you got in the variety biscuit tin! But only seemed available at xmas so must have been a double celebration!

  • My favourite has to be rich tea fingers! Brings back so many memories of spending time at my grandparents house 🙂 I used to sneak them out of the retro biscuit tub and spread them with a little butter – I thought that it was normal however, people look at me in disgust when I say this haha.

  • Linsey says:

    Oh so many! My favourites as a kid were bourbon biscuits but Gold bars remind me of one set of grandparents, fig rolls the other set and Tunnocks teacakes were always served up by my great granny! Think i’ll have to go with the bourbons though, just for sheer amount consumed 🙂

  • Chris Parvin says:

    Jammy dodgers. I loved to nibble around the outside where the jam hadn’t managed to spread, then eat the centre all at once though the jam was so tacky I’d like a dog chewing a wasp. There’s just something about that little red heart in the middle that’s almost like stained glass or a boiled sweet. It’s almost the type of biscuit that soaks up tea like a hoover, and at the right temp can make the jam a little warm and a touch running. In fact I may buy some now. Though being a macabre little boy I also have a soft stop for party rings because if you leave them on your tongue icing side down they dissolve in a sharp sparking way like it’s being eaten through by acid. 🙂

  • Laura says:

    This is a tough one, because I love biscuits of all kinds! I was always (still am) partial to a McVities Ginger Nut! Not the most glamorous of biccies I know, but I just think they’re lovely! I find them really comforting and can polish of a packet in no time! I especially love to dunk them in a good cup of Yorkshire Tea. Perfect!
    (Laura – lmsingleton@gmail.com)

  • Claire says:

    Penguin biscuits! I don’t much like the taste of them now, but my grandad showed us how to bite off opposite corners and suck a cup of tea up through the biscuit. It was a big ritual when we went to their house and it makes me smile just thinking of it so thanks.
    Those cushions are amazing!

  • Linda Colquhoun says:

    My favourite IS the iced ring biscuit. Thats why I clicked to see your cushion. We had them as kids when they were the only colourful biccie around! We call them ‘party biscuits’ and my family all treat these gems with the same reverence. If theres something to celebrate — we have party biscuits!!

  • Helen says:

    Controversial as an actual biscuit but to me the jaffa cake is amazing. A biscuit is all about what you have with your tea. And I cant have my cup of tea without at least 2 jaffa cakes. And they have to be from a triple pack (as the single & double packs taste different.) I’m sorry for being a complete weirdo. I’m just a jaffaholic.
    Loving the Tunnocks cushions btw. They make me think of Xmas as the boxes are always on offer in Asda. XOXO

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