DIY Teacake Ballpoint Pens

Nikki McWilliams - DIY Teacake Foil Ballpoint Pens

The first in our series of Biscuit Inspired DIY Projects went down really well at the beginning of April with our DIY Teacake Planter taking centre stage!

Continuing the biscuit theme- we’re so excited to share our newest make which combines two lifelong loves: stationery and Tunnocks Teacakes! We do love a fancy pen, however regular old Ballpoint Pens are something that we seem to accumulate in vast numbers in our home- as the most cheap and handy writing implements around. We keep ours in jars by the phone (and even on the bedside table) as you never know when an idea might arrive, requiring a quick sketch or note!

So, why not give yours a little TLC with our shiny Teacake Ballpoint DIY? You could of course use any decorative papers, foils or even Washi Tape- but we’re suckers for Tunnocks jolly striped Teacake Foils (plus it’s a GREAT excuse to eat a couple in preparation!)

Nikki McWilliams - Teacake Ballpoint - DIY part 1 Nikki McWilliams - Teacake Ballpoint - DIY part 2Nikki McWilliams - Teacake Ballpoint - DIY part 3Nikki McWilliams - Teacake Ballpoint - DIY part 4

Do let us know if you make your own- we’d love to know how you get on!  We’ve started a Pinterest Board to collect all of our DIY Projects in one place- feel free to follow and Repin to your hearts content here: DIY: Biscuit Inspired Projects.

Happy Dunking (and Making!)




  • Laura says:

    They are so cute and cheerful! I’ll give this a go some time, for sure. Some dark chocolate Tunnocks wrappers would be good for the blue pens we seem to have everywhere too, so that’s two packets of teacakes I’ll be needing 🙂

  • What a great idea! Looks fab, and an extra excuse to eat teacakes. Loads of fun stuff on your site- glad I found it!

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