Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes

Monday’s are trying at the best of times, but after a crazy-busy weekend, the only thing that could possible help was a batch of Chilli Chocolate Cupcakes. Seeing as it would be unfair to keep such a delight to myself- I’ve decided to share my recipe.

You need:
4oz Self Raising Flour
1oz Cocoa Powder
1tsp Baking Powder
3oz Caster Sugar
2 Eggs
3oz Stork (or marg)
A dash of Orange squash concentrate

30z Icing Sugar
1oz Cocoa
1tsp Chilli Powder
2oz Stork

They’re dead easy- Just combine all of the dry cake ingredients, then add the eggs, butter and orange. Spoon the mix into cake cases and bake in a preheated oven at 200 DegreesC for 18 minutes.

Once they’re cooled mix up the icing and top. Et Voila! Just try not to eat them all at once. You can even use the recipe for your crEATe cake entry!


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