Pie In The Post

No sooner had I commented on the edible-wearable blog about how much I loved their prototype for their new venture, Pie in the Post, it dropped neatly through my letterbox, all parcelled up in brown-paper and stickered with “Hello Pie Face!”.

Now firstly, the attention to detail packaging-wise was beautiful. Brown paper (which is my favourite) stickers, chinese masking tape, and a hand-written label all amount to a lovely little box.

On opening one end (and I did this very carefully with a scalpel, like I do with all important mail) revealed a candy-striped lined drawer which perfectly housed two little pies- one apricot, and the other peanut butter.

So the good news for edible-wearable is that not only was the prototype a total success (my pies arrived intact) but that the little pies were delicious. Not only this- but I loved the fun factor of receiving baked goods through my letterbox. A fabulous start to any day and definately an antedote to the mundane.


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