A Year in Prints

A few months ago, fellow DJCAD graduate Hilary Grant and myself embarked on a project to collaborate with 10 other artists to produce a collection of original artwork to see us through the following year.

Each artist involved produced a limited edition run of only 50 silk-screen prints- one for each month of the year. We had submissions from all over the UK, and even one from across the water in the United States. Each print in the collection is individually beautiful and together, A Year in Prints is an eclectic and original way to enjoy a different piece of art every month.

With original prints by: Jen Collins (aka hellojenuine), Chloe Cook, Jo Foster, Tracey Smith, Rae Duncan, Mahala LeMay, Liz Myhill, Lauren Gentry, Jordan Butler, Hilary Grant, Heather Page and myself, our calendar, A Year in Prints is available at our dedicated online shop, for only £24- which works out at an amazing rate of £2 per print. Pretty sweet, right?

For more photos, head on over to our Flickr group, or visit our shop to bag yours today.

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