It’s All Greek To Me: Oreos

I’ve had this one under my hat for a little while now- but I’m now so excited to show off the new cushion in my collection- inspired by the best black and white biscuits going: Oreos!

I was doing a bit of research on Oreos (which honestly consisted of more than just eating them) and I came across a few interesting facts. One of which is that the word “oreo” means Lovely in greek (so my greek mum tells me) which I can definitely agree with.

My new Oreo inspired cushions will be available to buy soon in my Folksy and Etsy shops in time for Mother’s day!


  • Lucy says:

    Is it bad that I judge your cushions on whether or not I like the actual confectionary they represent? I have to say I prefer the Tunnocks ones on that basis!!

    Interesting to know that about the word oreo though – would make a nice baby name if it weren't so biscuity!

  • chupa-chup says:

    Love them Nikki – have had so many comments on my Bourbon/Custard Cream/Tunnocks! People love them!

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