"You’re Fired!"

I didn’t watch the previous series of The Apprentice– but I’ve found myself totally addicted to the current one. Most of all- the thing that intruiges me about it- is how they’ve managed to choose a group of hopefuls which despite their supposed business accumen are practically devoid of any creative flair. The episode about creating the pet food brand and the “freemium” magazine had me shouting at the telly.

So that’s why when they announced at the end of last week’s show that this week’s challenge would be to create a new biscuit- I was excited. Biscuits: now that’s my area of expertise! I doodled a few ideas before popping my shortbread creation in the oven this afternoon.

Ladies and gentlemen- I give you: Sugared Alans! Packed with extra sugary energy for high-flying young go-getters and the recently fired alike, Sugared Alans are a perfect everyday treat.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Team Logic and Venture are going to come up with to rival my Alan Sugar inspired munchies.


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