New: Biscuits for your couch

I’ve gone a bit blog-post crazy this week (three is quite a lot for me!) but I feel like I’ve had lots of news to share! Thanks to those who took the time to comment or send me a tweet me about my posts- it really is lovely to have some bloggy feedback!

Anyhoo- my main news this week is that I have not one, but two new designs in store. I shared my Chocolate Digestive cushion a few days ago- and am pleased to say that some have already found new homes in the UK and across the pond in the USA. This ace New Zealand blogger featured them in her “Cool For Kids” section- which is pretty ace too!

Also (pictured above and brand new today) are my Chocolate Malted Milk cushions! I can’t wait to hear what folks think about them.

You can visit either my Folksy or Etsy Shop if you’re thinking about adding either to your collection.


  • Tanya Hendrie says:

    Loving the chocolate digestive cushion! It would look lovely on my sofa…

  • Louise Jose says:

    I love these! If I had the money I would have all of them! Fab idea.

  • Nikki McWilliams says:

    Thanks Tanya- they're definitely better than real biscuits- less crumbs!

    Louise- pop them on your Christmas list- santa might be good to you!

  • littlemessyla says:

    that chocolate digestive cushion is just brilliant! So sweet, i've fallen in love. Great blog!

  • Nikki McWilliams says:

    @littlemessyla Thanks so much! Glad you like my blog- I'll be back on track with some new posts now I'm back from my break in the sunshine!


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