Going Back to My Roots

My friend Sarah and I on our last day of School, Alloa Academy c. June 2003
(At the dawn of digital camera technology- check my 1MP photo!)

This week I’m stopping off in my home town of Alloa to attend my former secondary school, Alloa Academy’s Open Evening. I was contacted by one of the current Art teachers (who is also a DJCAD grad) a week ago to invite me along, as some of the kids have been making biscuit-inspired artwork!

I was one of those geeky kids who actually really liked school (especially in 6th year when Art & Design/Portfolio work made up about 80% of my timetable) and was sad to leave.

Although the original building is now long-gone, the new and improved school is now home to a few of those who taught me between 1997 and 2003, including my ever-supportive and inspiring Art and Design teacher! The new school’s running some new subjects too, including “Creative Cake Production” which I wouldn’t mind studying now!

To go along with the pupil’s biscuit inspired artwork, there’s also a Biscuit inspired prize-raffle for attendees of the Open Evening- which includes one of my Bourbon Biscuit cushions, along with loads of other biscuity goodies!


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  • Fashimi says:

    What a coincidence that we both post something nostalgic! What great subjects students can take up. I think the most exotic we had was Visual Design.

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