AWOB (Absent With Out Blogging)

Night owls- I’ve been super busy and therefore a bit absent from the blogosphere- so here’s a wee video (it was made entirely using my phone- filmed and edited- so don’t judge!) of what I’ve been up to- for those who are interested! With only 8 days until we leave for London for the Ideal Home show– I’ll be doing a lot more of this in the days ahead- it’s cushions-a-go-go here!


p.s- It’s stated at the end of the video- but music is by Frightened Rabbit– they’re pretty great, I think!


  • Claire - Miso Funky says:

    This is a marvellous insight into your cushion making process! Love the video, especially you bopping whilst you iron 🙂

  • Nikki McWilliams says:

    Thanks Claire! I chose some suitable audio to go over the visuals as I was singing and bopping at the time I filmed the ironing- I don't think the internet is ready for that yet! :p

  • mhairi says:

    love the video and the sowing machine! it looks much more capable than the new plastic ones!

    good luck in london too!

  • hellojenuine says:

    ace! fun peek into your process. i was trying to decide whether you were dancing whilst ironing, or if it was just cause you were sped up, ha!

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