A Day In The Life: Boxing Day 2011

10:45am. Wake up after super-long lie. Was dreaming that I’d quit my day-job and was living in Cyprus. Nice!
11:00am. Get Bacon and Pita Bread for breakfast. Stay in PJ’s.
11.30am. Help my mum design her new kitchen. She’s excited! I am too- I like organising spaces so this a treat for me!
14.00pm. Stop kitchen-designing for lunch. This is homemade Nigella Lawson babycakes and Swedish Glace icecream. My brother calls them Heart Attack puddings. He’s probably right.
16.30pm. The kitchen design is complete!
17.00pm. Start making dinner. Play with my mum’s cat, Alfie. Discover that he loves it when you sing to him- it makes him roll on the floor!
18.30pm. Dinner time!
19.00pm. Settle down on the couch for the Boxing Day Eastenders. My brother improvises a song on the guitar about the on-screen drama. There’s not enough memory in my phone to record it!
20.00pm. Brother announces he has a new business idea. Asks me to design his website layout. He is impressed by my knowledge of typefaces.
22.00pm. Website design complete. I realise that I have accidentally done a fair bit of design work today. Try to watch Ocean’s 12 on the TV but it is awful. Playing with the cat is far more appealing. He’s hyper.
22.30pm. Eat a mini Turkey sandwich and have a cup of tea. We watch something on the telly but I can’t remember what (food coma setting in).
00.00am Bed!
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