Half Price Oreo Cushions & Instagram Photo A Day: week 1

If you’re one of my twitter pals, you will already have seen that I am currently offering my Oreo Cushions (in a never before seen chocolate colour- they previoulsy looked like this) at Half Price. After retailing at £30.00, I’ll be selling the last batch I made for only £15.00 each. And after this lot’s gone- I’ve decided to discontinue this one for good- to concentrate on a solely British biscuit selection.
Lots have been given new homes already- and if you’d like a cuddle oreo in your life visit my shop now– there’s very limited stocks- and as I said, once they’re gone, they are GONE!
Last week I decided to take part in the Instagram Photo a Day in January challenge– and I’m really enjoying it so far! You can see my daily photos so far in my Flickr set, or by following me on instagram (username: nikkimcwilliams). Photography is one of my all-time loves: and I know I should really make time to take more photographs.
I try to travel light on a daily basis (hence the overwhelming ratio of instagram photos to actual camera photos (I have a Canon G11, if anyone was curious) but I’d really like to do a project that will encourage me to take more pictures. I’ve been inspired by The Dainty Squid to give a Photo A Week in 2011 project a go. It sounds like a big commitment, but I’ll have a think about a worthy subject and let you all know. Watch this space!


  • Found you through Betty Magazine , wanting to buy half price Oreo cushion (have you also got the black & white one available ?) will be in touch tomorrow ,as my first love is the Tunucks , also just an Enquiry as I have nothing to keep my teapot warm ! Have you thought about tea cosies ? ( or will see how I fair making one with a tea cake one folded in half ! ) sorry to prattle on but so excited to have you in my life & kitchen . Best regards Roberta Jacklin .

    • NikkiMcwilliams says:

      Hi Roberta,

      Thanks for getting in touch- I’m so glad you like our things! Sadly we’re not making the oreo inspired cushions anymore- so I’m afraid we don’t have anymore available at present. We’re always looking for new product ideas, so thanks for bringing the chilly teapot situation to our attention! 🙂

      Thanks again for your kind words and for taking the time to get in touch 🙂

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