Cats & Cushions do Facebook

I had a great response to the pictures I posted of my mum’s cat, Alfie and my Nice biscuit cushions last week. I’ve had folks send me pictures of their cats with Biscuit Cushions they’ve bought from my shop (Thanks to Alex and Charlie at Snowdon Design and Craft for their picture above!) so I decided it would be a nice idea to have somewhere to share all of the Cats and Cushions pictures I had…and so the Cats and Cushions facebook album was born!

If you have any pictures of your kitty and one of my cushions- I’d love to see them! You can email them to me or even post them on my facebook wall– and I’ll pop them into the Cats and Cushions album for all to see.
Hope everyone’s having a great week so far- I’ve got a totally fab competition (I would LOVE to keep these prizes!) to announce tomorrow- so pop back to find out what it’s all about!

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  • Cavy.girl says:

    Aww that's a wicked idea. I don't have any kitties, it's guinea pigs and rabbits in my house! I don't think I'd trust them with my cushions though! lol x

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