It’s Party Time- New Biscuit Cushions!

Last week saw the arrival of my new Jammy Heart biscuit cushions– and that was exciting enough. However- I have to say that as a long-time appreciator of kid’s party food I am so, SO excited to be posting pictures of my newest Iced Ring cushions!

I love the bright pink and soft pastel colours of the icing- and when they’re all together they take me back to all of the fun wee parties our parents threw for us when we were little. We always had a home-baked cake (my Dad is quite a talent in the Birthday-cake department) and plates of sausage rolls, chocolate Krispie cakes (for which I’m now developing a mega craving) marshmallow top hats and of course a selection of celebration-worthy biscuits.
My new Iced Ring cushions are available to buy now either individually or as a set (save £4.00 on all three) in my online shop right now!


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