Jamie Oliver Mag- Bake Your Own Biscuits

If you’re a fan of home-baking, cooking or (like me) eating delicious food then I strongly suggest purchasing the current Jamie (Oliver) magazine! I was so excited to hear that the issue was going to feature lots of DIY biscuit recipes– and also that they would be featuring some of my biscuit cushions, in tribute!
I have to admit- while I enjoy watching Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals (30 minutes is my approximate time ration for dinner-time at the moment!) I’d never before bought a copy of the magazine…and I am so impressed! The current issue (Mar/Apr) is full of loads delicious and achievable Greek inspired recipes- which my Cypriot granny would approve of as well as the aforementioned DIY biscuits. There’s recipes for baking your own Custard Creams- Bourbons and even Jaffa Cakes (genius!)- which I will definitely be putting to the test at some point soon. You can even find out how to make your own Jammy Dodger biscuits here (and take a look at my Jammy cushions here!)

Jamie Magazine are currently giving away 2 of my cushions- so buy a copy of the magazine or head over to the website to enter the competition today!

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  • judyscottdesigns.com says:

    wow – this again is just amazing – well done and lovely seeing you the other week at your talk, you were brilliant 🙂 Judy

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