Dundee Degree Show 2012 – My Highlights

Well, it’s that time of year again- Degree Show time! I got a sneaky peek on Thursday at the associates preview- which was brilliant to have been invited to.  After a few drinks there were speeches (including few from students as well this time- which was a nice touch!) and a performance from DJCAD’s own Elvis (aka student, Matthew Corden) which received a rapturous applause! The night flew by and I only had a short while to look around- but here are a few of my best bits so far.


Sally Hackett – Illustration:

I met Sally by chance on the way to the show, outside of the building we both live in.  I’d never met Sally before, nor did I have any idea that she was an artist (I always think it’s exciting to discover there are other creatives living nearby!) but I stumbled upon her degree show- and I was instantly drawn to her little clay figures amongst their jazzy surroundings. My particular favourite had to be “The Naked Rambler” complete with backpack and golden chest hair.

DJCAD Degree Show 2012 - Sally Hackett


Steph Liddle – Illustration:

Never one to turn down some good pastry, I loved Steph Liddle’s soft sculpted Pie.  Complete with its own internal hot water bottle and arms that can give you a cuddle- it might even be better than an actual edible pie (and I really love pie).  Look out also for her duvet lasagna.

DJCAD Degree Show 2012 - Steph Liddle


Kirsty McKeown – Fine Art:

I loved Kirsty’s space.  It was full of little snippets of text that alluded to narratives- physically arranged with a nice use of media and space.  I spent quite a while in this show- there was something about it that was quite calming and intriguing.  After speaking to Kirsty at the show- I discovered that she knew my cousin (small world!)

DJCAD Degree Show 2012 - Kirsty KcKeown


Sheonagh Gall – Textiles:

I was AMAZED by Sheonagh’s chair.  She’d screen-printed it with some special pigments that reacted to heat- so that it changed colour when it was touched our sat in. It worked really well with my unusually warm hands- as you can see in my pictures below.  I’d love to see some sort of colour change fabric for fashion- a heat sensitive tee would be just perfect for my summer hols this year!

DJCAD Degree Show 2012 - Sheonagh Gall

The Dundee Degree Show runs until the 27th of May and is open to the public. I’m hoping to pop back to the show to see the rest of it this Thursday- if you’re there and you’d like me to come and see your show- drop me a line, and i’ll swing by!



  • Kat says:

    Hi Nikki,
    Way back in the late 80’s early 90’s there was a brand of colour change t shirts in the UK – Hypercolour. I remember a lot of my friends having these at school. They were kind of cool, except round the armpit area 😉
    Check out the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypercolor

    • NikkiMcwilliams says:

      Hi Kat! I remember them well. I had a similar one- but I don’t think it was one of the proper Hypercolour ones. I remember it only lasted a few washes and then it stopped working though. I loved that tshirt!

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