Selfridges Big British (Biscuity!) Bang Windows

Selfridges Biscuit Window - Full view

It’s been a bit of a busy week so far- so much so that I’m just getting around to blogging about my trip to London this weekend!  I was really excited about seeing some of my cushions featured in Selfridges‘ smashing Big British Bang windows- and we even managed to squeeze in some other fun stuff along the way too. (We saw the Hirst & Kusama shows at Tate Modern- I’d recommend seeing both!)

Selfridges - Nighttime

We arrived on Saturday evening- and caught Selfridges in all of it’s spectacular night-time glory.  I had no idea that the building was lit so beautifully after night fall (think rainbow-colour change!) so that was a treat in itself!

Selfridges - Biscuit Window

Selfridges - Builders Tea Party

It was really great to see folks’ reactions to the windows and see them in person- they looked great!  The Builders Tea Party window (above) made excellent use of giant sugar cubes and some brilliant workmen mannequins complete with pointed pinkies!  The biscuit window in particular was so inviting, I think I could have climbed in and lived there quite happily (at least until the packets of biscuits had runout!)

The store itself looked wonderful inside (as always) and I’m just so pleased that my cushions have been able to be a part of it in a little way.  You can catch the Big British Bang windows at Selfridges on Oxford Street & Duke Street until the 9th of June 2012.



  • judy scott says:

    Hi Nikki – big congratulations to you – the windows are awesome and your cushions look amazing 🙂

  • michaela millar says:

    Looks great Nikki! I will definitely try to see it in real life. The builders are AMAZING!!!! Yummy and British 🙂

  • Hi Nikki
    I saw your beautiful cushions in the selfrdiges window and have just ordered a custard cream. I can’t get enough tea, biscuits and cake. This cushion will be perfect while I drink tea from my Soop mug that has a ceramic custard cream at the bottom. Can’t wait!

    • NikkiMcwilliams says:

      Hey Louise!

      Glad you liked the Selfridges Window- they did such an amazing job and I was so chuffed that my cushions were part of it all 🙂 Thanks also for your order- your cushion is on its way to you now…sounds like you’ve got a Custard-Cream-tastic tea break lined up! I need to get one of those mugs- they sound ace!

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