Ding Ding Ding- We Have a Winner!

We Have a Winner

My Party Ring competition closed this Friday- thank you to everyone who took the time to enter! I really enjoyed reading about everyone’s biscuit memories- it’s so lovely to know that biscuits are the source of happy times for folks!

There can only be one winner though- and I had to choose Tracey’s story:

Toffypops. Now they make me think of playing The Faraway Tree with my sister in my mum and dad’s room. They’d let us sleep in their bed sometimes and we’d press the ‘buttons’ on their  80s velveteen studded headboard and pretend we were in the land of goodies being dispensed cakes and biscuits every time we pressed a button.

It took me back to summer holidays spent with my cousins at my Aunty Peggy’s flat in Glasgow- we’d spend all day inventing games and building dens in the spare room upstairs (I’m pretty sure there was a velveteen headboard in there too!) There was always a brimming biscuit tin of fancy foil wrapped biscuits and 5 alive juice for snacktime- and you’d never get in trouble for making a mess!

Thank you for your lovely story, Tracey, it reminded me of good times…I hope your new cushion will do the same!

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  • Laura says:

    What a lovely story! A well-deserved winner, anything that relates to Enid Blyton can only be a good thing!

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