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I’ve been run off my feet since I got back from my Holiday a few weeks ago and I havn’t been able to find much time to blog….but as always, trusty Instagram has helped me record  my daily goings on!  Here’s what I’ve been up to:

August Instagram

1// I finally got round to putting my name on my studio door. I’m almost fully moved in now- and I absolutely LOVE my new workspace.  Look out for a photo-tour of my studio soon!

2// I’ve been doing lots of printing this week- I use rags to clean up at the end of a session- and I thought this one was particularly pretty. Shame they mostly get thrown away though…I’ll have to come up with a use for the nice-looking ones!

3// If you follow me on Twitter or like my Facebook page- you might have seen my entry for Tatty Devine‘s Lilac goody bag giveaway.  I was really lucky to be one of the three winners- which meant I won an amazing selection of Lilac themed delights including the Essie polish, Tatty Devine heart ring & Betty Magazine! Thanks to everyone who took the time to “like” my entry.

August Instagram

4// Also- this wee beauty arrived in the post! Since deciding that Dundee was going to be our home for the foreseeable future, I decided to order some jewellery in tribute to our brilliantly creative (and sometimes rainy!) city.

5// This has got to be the most delicious thing I have ever cooked.  I saw the recipe in the Betty Mag I won and I had to try it out! These  are baked bacon and eggs in little bread cases. So GOOD!

6// After a morning in the studio yesterday- we took some time to enjoy some of the very rare sunny weather!  The old industrial quarter where our studio is has some very cool old Mill buildings and street art, if you go looking for it.

…And that’s about it! I’m planning on opening my studio doors this September for a wee shin-dig so look out for details soon!

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