Crate Couch DIY – A Visual Diary

Nikki McWilliams - CrateCouchDIY

After a few heavy days printing in the studio last month- I decided that we needed somewhere to relax. Our (although very cool!) school chairs just weren’t cutting it.  Enter: Crate Couch DIY! (#cratecouchDIY)

I scoured the internet for reasonably priced sofa-style seating and had flashbacks of the couch-purchase for our home last year. (Unfortunately I seem to have expensive taste when it comes to furniture!) So, after being inspired by this sketch on Scottish BBC Sketch show, Burnistoun and a quick peruse of Pinterest (if there is such a thing as a quick outing with Pinterest) It was settled. We’d DIY our own couch out of crates/”widden pallettes”

We picked up the crates for free locally- and ordered the seating foam to size from an upholstery specialist.  I chose a beautiful warm grey wool/linen mix for the covers.  With the help of my super talented Mum (who’s now on twitter, btw!) we cut the covers to fit the foam and sewed them up with zips on the reverse.  The fabric is Italian (and not cheap!) so it was a bit nerve-wracking during the cover-making process, but it went without a hitch and now that it’s finished- our #cratecouchDIY looks amazing!  We finished it off with a few cushions in Mustard and Coral- and there’s even storage space in between the  crates.  I have to say, I’m in love!

It’s totally one-off, contemporary and well made (in Scotland!) and I’m so lucky to be able to sit on it after a hard day’s work in the studio!  What do you think- would you have a Crate Couch in your home?

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  • Ebba says:

    Love the crate couch, well done!!
    I have been planning on making one and a table for our garden for months. Might make cushions next summer but pretty sure they wont look as expertly done as yours. Now fingers crossed for a sunny weekend and I can get making. Might seem mad to be building outdoor furniture in October but with some blankets and a brazier/ toasted marshmallows/ hot chocolate, why not 🙂

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