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NikkiMcWilliams - VanillaInk - Mentor

One of the best things about being based in Dundee has got to be the excellent creative community that we have here- and if you’re a jewellery designer/maker then Vanilla Ink is the icing on the creative cake!

The brainchild of fellow DJCAD graduate, Kate Pickering, Vanilla Ink has recently opened its doors within WASPS Meadowmill, Dundee (which is just along the corridor from our studio!)  In essence- it’s everything I would have LOVED to have been at my fingertips on graduating from Art School. Those accepted onto the year long incubator program get fully equipped studio space, workshops in moving their ideas forward and an individual Mentor (that’s where I come in!)

I am so excited and honoured to be working with Kate on the Vanilla Ink Mentoring Program and can’t wait for the first official meeting with my Mentee for the year, Scarlett Erskine.  I’m really looking forward to bridging  the gap between textile and jewellery design by sharing some of the know-how I’ve picked up over the last few years.

Vanilla Ink has  7 other wonderfully creative makers who you can find out more about, along with Vanilla Ink and it’s founder Kate on the Vanilla Ink website.

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