Instagram Corner

Nikki McWilliams Instagram 2013

As massive fans of Instagram we thought it was about time to dedicate a corner of our website to our favourite photo sharing forum.

And as if by magic- our fantastic web developer Kim has added a neat little instagram feed to the side panel of our blog (it’ll be on the right…right now!)

You’ll now be able to view our most recent 2 instagrams from the comfort of our blog. Hooray! If that’s left you wanting more- you can always follow the behind the scenes action via instagram on your iphone or smartphone by searching for “nikkimcwilliams” or by visiting

We’ve also now on Vine- which, if you’ve not heard of it yet, is a super addictive short video-loop sharing app.  Just download the app and use “Nikki  McWilliams” to find us. Yesterday we vined a mini studio tour. What fun!


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