Royal Mail Postage Price Increase 2013

Royal Mail Postage Price Increase 2013

A few weeks ago, Royal Mail announced their updated prices for 2013.  As they had last year- the prices were to increase- however this time (for some parcels) the prices will rise by over 130%.

This seems to be due to Royal Mail introducing a new sizing system for their parcels, whereby there will now be small, medium & large packet/parcel sizes- and pricing relational to these.  In addition to this- compensation levels for lost mail will be more than halved from £46 to £20.

This year’s 2013 Royal Mail Pricing leaflet is bigger than ever (with more categories, weight & size limits) and can be found here.

These changes will have a direct impact on owners of small businesses- including Flora of Through The Round Window who speaks about her concerns about the new pricing in her recent blog post.

While we’re doing everything we can to minimise the costs that we pass on to our customers-  these changes sadly will affect our postage costs and as a result our P&P prices will be increasing at the beginning of April 2013.

There’s an e-petition against the changes here– which I’d strongly urge everybody to sign. It only takes a few minutes and it could make a difference.

In the mean time- our current P&P rates will be valid until the end of March 2013- so do feel free to take advantage of these until then- should you be looking to add to your Biscuit Collection!



  • baconsdozen says:

    I think Royal Mail is trying to kill off small internet businesses.The increases are a disgrace,best of luck to you and every one else affected by Royal mails greed.

  • karen tinney says:

    i think the price increase is disgusting a second class parcel which is what i would send has more than doubled to £5.20 putting many of my sold ebay items out of action

    • Natalie Jones says:

      Totally agree Karen! I was having a clearout & listing the stuff on ebay i only realised after items had been sold, paid for & packckaged up that Royal Mail had increased their prices which caused a nightmare when it came to posting them!
      Looks like ebay won’t be an option anymore as people are not going to want to pay such high prices for postage!

  • Pauline McFadden says:

    Does Royal Mail realise that in some circumstances a parcel would be cheaper to send to the other sied of the world, than to send within the UK!

    • Paul Rogers says:

      Just went to post some newspapers all in the same size large jiffy bags.
      Austria £3.50 airmail
      UK £5.20 2nd Class (unless I cut down the edge off of the jiffy bag size by 2″ which brings the price down to £2.60) A price increase of £3.00
      Royal Mail ‘what the hell are you doing?????’

  • gareth says:

    From Milton Keynes to Cardiff only could be sent Parcelforce too large Royal Mail!
    From Cardiff to Hawaii Royal Mail International & signed for £9.80 SAME parcel!!!!

  • I signed it says:

    I signed the e-petition. You never know it might help.

  • Andy says:

    Over the weekend I have emailed Moya Greene CEO of Royal mail, I have to admit I was very surprised that she does answer mere mortal’s questions personally, which I guess is very unique for leaders of her seniority.

    The answers I received were pretty standard cut and paste type replies on how Royal Mail is in so much debt, how Government cannot afford to give the investment capital needed to move forward leaving privatisation as the only way to raise capital needed.

    I’m not sure but I am positive that I have read, since tax payers have taken the burden of pensions and after 2012 previous record price increases made record profits one must assume that this year’s extortionate rises must all be about greed and bumping up share prices at the expense of small – medium businesses.

    The 2 questions that were conveniently not answered:
    • Why are Amazon already playing such a big role in distribution centre organisation?
    • Why is there such a variation in what you charge the likes of Amazon and myself for deliveries when the time/energy cost per parcel will be fairly standard? This smacks of the tail wagging the dog!

    After reading this article there will be no surprises who the overseas owners are likely to be all be it under another name.

    Stand by people soon Royal Mail will be run by Amazon for Amazon they played their part in clearing the high streets online retailers are next with the help of our Government.

    Yes I am very bitter about this extortionate price increase but I fear the worst is yet to come, please fellow e-traders make some noise as I am sure laws are being broken but at the very least the morality of the whole issue is in question.

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