Our New York Adventure

We had a bit of a change of scenery last week- with our trip to New York City on the cards! We had a super-busy time there- however we did manage to squeeze in some extra fun stuff along the way. So here it is- our NYC adventure round up!

Nikki McWilliams - Tunnocks Teacake Cushions in New York!

Taking my Tunnock’s Teacake cushion on tour on the East River Ferry- what an amazing view! If anyone has any photos of their cushions in exciting settings we’d LOVE to see them!

Nikki McWilliams - Smorgasburg Brooklyn 2013

We went on a biscuit-hunt at Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg food market in Williamsburg.  This has got to be one of the best food-related events I’ve ever attended- everything we saw (and all of things we managed to eat!) was absolutely delicious.  We found some brilliant biscuity treats and…

Nikki McWilliams - Smores in Brooklyn

I even had my first S’more experience at S’more Bakery! Mike (who had visited Edinburgh & Falkirk here in Scotland) toasted our marshmallows with a little blowtorch and topped them with salted caramel.  SO GOOD!

Nikki McWilliams - Artists & Fleas Brooklyn

We also visited Williamsburg’s Artists & Fleas market- which was very good fun! It was great to meet some of New York’s makers and find out a little bit more about Brooklyn’s creative scene.

Nikki McWilliams - Necklace by AVP Designs

I couldn’t help but take home this little gold, clay & quartz beauty from the lovely Afshaan‘s collection.  She told us all about how her mum used to give her Caramel Wafers to eat for her lunch whilst growing up in New York too- which we thought was very cool!

Nikki McWilliams -Handpainted Signs - Brooklyn

Another thing I loved about Brooklyn was the use of hand-painted signage.  There were some amazing examples of skill- with no vinyl lettering in sight! It also reminded me that I need to try and see the Sign Painters Movie as soon as possible.  We need more hand-painted signage in Scotland!

Nikki McWilliams - Frightened Rabbit at Terminal 5 - New York

And speaking of Scotland- we were extremely lucky to get our hands on tickets for Frightened Rabbit‘s Show at Terminal 5 in Manhattan. The gig was sold-out and the band played to their biggest audience ever- which was a total treat.  It was great to hear some Scottish voices and I felt very proud to be from the same little island as these guys on that night!

We met some amazing people during our trip- including the fabulous Silvia Pellegrino of Chouchou Couture who I’m sure we’ll meet again! I’d like to say a special thank you to Dundee Graphic Designer, Paul Sparks who worked so hard to put together our excellent new 2013 Look Book for presenting during our trip- however we’ll have more about this as well as our brand new collection very soon. We can’t wait! Stay tuned, Biscuit Fans!

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