Homemade Custard Creams


It’s been quite a while since I made any (edible) biscuits so this weekend seemed a good time to remedy that!  I’d ordered the biscuit cutter above about a year earlier and since then it’s stayed in its box.  Thanks to Edd Kimber’s (of The Great British Bake-Off series 1 fame) recipe for Custard Creams my unloved biscuit cutter was put to good use!

Edd is the proud owner of one of our Custard Cream Cushions, so it was lovely to be able to try out his recipe- you can find it here.


Fresh out of the oven!


I DIY’ed a piping bag out of a plastic food bag.  It worked well enough for the task at hand!


I ended up making two shapes of Custard Cream- some with my fancy cookie cutter- and some with a little round cutter.


I’m so pleased with how they turned out- they are reminiscent of shop-bough custard creams- but BETTER! Definitely a little more work than opening a packet from the supermarket- but totally worth the work.  What do you think- are you a fan of home-made biscuits? Let me know if you have any recipes you’d like to recommend!



  • Lizzie says:

    Fabulous, so professional and homemade looking – if you know what I mean!!!

    • NikkiMcwilliams says:

      Thanks Lizzie! A bit fiddly, but not difficult to make at all- I’d definitely recommend giving them a go

  • becca says:

    These look amazing! love the little cutter. I’m a fan of homemade bourbons. They always taste better homemade. defiantly worth the effort. The recipe I use is from a book called baking magic. I do wish you could take things out of the internet, I’d love to try one of these. becca x

  • Jen says:

    These look SO GOOD. the cutter is cute too!

    • NikkiMcwilliams says:

      Thanks Jen! The cutter was a bit tricky at first…and not essential for making a tasty biscuit of course! The round ones were a nicer size, if you’re having a go 🙂

  • celine says:

    oh wow! these look delicious!

  • Sharon says:

    Homemade biscuits are the absolute best. Izzy Hossack’s recipe for chocolate hob nobs makes it just a little too easy to bake up a batch, oh, and if you use maple syrup instead of golden syrup they are just divine. My other favourites, though a little more fiddly are homemade jammy dodgers, and jaffa cakes ( unless we’re counting those as cakes in the whole are they cakes or biscuit debate? ). Enjoy your custard creams. P.S. I’m now desperately craving custard creams!

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