2013 Highlights

Happy New Year, everyone! It’s the first day of 2014, and seeing as Instagram has played such a big part in my daily life over the last year, I thought it’d be fitting to take a look back at some personal and professional highlights from 2013 via some of my favourite snaps.


1) Secret Frightened Rabbit gig at Benjamin Barker’s, Dundee. 2) Visiting Berlin for the first time. 3) Taking our Biscuit Cushions to New York on an international trade mission. 4) Welcoming visitors to our studio for our 2013 Sample Sale. 5) Introducing Gift Wrap to our range. 6) Working with Kinder Bueno on bespoke cushions for London Fashion Weekend. 7) Catching some rays on holiday in Bulgaria with Michael. 8) Adding Dark Chocolate Tunnocks Teacakes and Caramel Wafers to our cushion range. 9) Hanging out with this guy- and starting the #alfiethegingercat instagram hashtag.


1) Road Trip to London in our VW for Top Drawer. 2) Trying Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for the first time! 3) Making the front page of Scotland on Sunday’s At Home Magazine. 4) Supersizing our Custard Cream Cushions. 5) Seeing the Sign Painters movie at DCA. 6) Being featured in Marie Claire’s annual gift guide. 7) Creating Caramel Wafer Nail Art. 8) Introducing Custard Cream and Bourbon Necklaces to our Biscuity range! 9) Taking part in Pop-Ups in London & Tokyo with THEO and The Poundshop.


1) Continuing to drink copious amounts of tea- and starting to drink coffee again! 2) Cat-Sitting Clara. 3) Our Custard Creams featuring in Company‘s festive gift guide/ 4) Eating SO many burgers. So far, the Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s Riviera is top. 5) Growing our Biscuit family. 6) Decorating our flat- this fairground arrow light by Goodwin + Goodwin is my fave. 7) Wrapping gifts in our Biscuity gift wrap! 8) Adding some seriously cute socks to my collection. 9) Getting totally obsessed with Breaking Bad (drawing by M. Corr)

It’s been an incredible year- and I’m so grateful for all of the experiences that I’ve had whilst running the show at Nikki McWilliams! Thank you to everyone who has told their friends about the things that we make, who’s taken the time to comment on our posts, share our links, taken part in competitions and who’s parted with their hard-earned cash to add pieces of our collection to their lives. We’re very lucky to have such a fantastically supportive community around us.

We’d love to know if you’ve shared any of our 2013 experiences, so feel free to comment if you so wish. All the best for 2014!


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