Everyone has a favourite app. You know the one- the one that ‘s part of your daily routine. The one that you really miss using when you’re abroad or stuck in a 3G black spot. Yours might be Facebook or Twitter or Feedly- ours is Instagram.

We wanted to give back to the good folks at our beloved photo-sharing app, so we decided to make them a little gift. Something to keep them comfy while they worked away running our Instagram world.

Nikki McWilliams -Instagram Logo Cushion 2014

So- here they are! We made these bespoke cushions especially for the good folks over at Instagram’s European HQ.

Nikki McWilliams - Monotone Instagram Logo Cushion 2014

We made some simple Monotone cushions, as well as some featuring the full colour logo (below)

Nikki McWilliams -Instagram Logo Cushion 2014

It was great fun working on something which was outside of our usual biscuity spectrum and we were really pleased to hear that they went down well on arriving at Instagram’s offices last week.

These are of course a total one-off and these will not be available for sale. Visitors to Instagram HQ will be privy to an exclusive squidge- if that’s you- do tag us in any of your pics either by using our @nikkimcwilliams handle or #nikkimcwilliams. We’d love to see you getting Instacomfy!

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