March in Pictures

Nikki McWilliams - March in Pictures

We’ve seen the days get longer over the past few weeks- and for that reason, March, we love you. Here’s how we’ve been using our extra hours of daylight over the past month!

You can post your own collection of photos by tagging it with #MarchInPictures on twitter or instagram- we’d love to see what your month has looked like.

1. We met Dundee’s very own #GrumpyCat. We love his wee face- he’s definitely plotting something!

2. Added to our range of Biscuit Mini-Charm Necklaces with Pink Wafers, Rich Tea, Digestives, Malted Milks and Nice Biscuits

3. Got a broken toe. Oops!

4. Celebrated the arrival of Krispy Kreme to Dundee by eating our body weight in Doughnuts. 

5. Fell in love with some new glasses from Pretavoir

6. Made some bespoke cushions for Instagram HQ.

7. Ate Birthday Cake for breakfast for a week.

8. Picked up some new shoes in the form of these patent yellow Dr Martens!

7.  Introduced a luxury Gift Wrapping Service to our online store.

We hope you’ve had a super March! We’re looking forward to a busy April- hope you’ve got plans to make it a good one!


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