June in Pictures

Nikki McWilliams - June in Pictures 2014

June has been a pretty manic month- both personally and work-wise. We managed to squeeze in a holiday, some alfresco dining and some new products. Here’s everything in full:

1. Some beautiful silver-embossed jewellery boxes arrived to house our Biscuit Necklaces. Each of our hand-made necklaces will now arrive in it’s own branded gift box. Exciting! 

2. We took approximately 438 photographs of pattered tiles during our trip to Lisbon. Totally justified, I think you’ll agree?

3. Lisbon also saw us eat Pastel de Nata every day for a week. Where’s the gym?

4. Spent some time back home with my family- my brother made this amazing yogurt cake!

5. New products arrived on our digital shelves: Greetings Cards!

6. We bought our very first wee car! He’s called Klaus. 

7. Tropical temperatures in central Scotland allowed us to have our first BBQ of the year.

8. Picked some Wild Strawberrries- which are very likely the most delicious thing imaginable.

9. Walked 10 miles in Lisbon during one day of our Holiday. We saw street art, ate delicious food, and enjoyed these amazing pastel buildings.

Have you been anywhere on holiday this month? Or have you been to Lisbon and have any memories to share? Let us know by leaving us a comment! 🙂

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