Inside The Biscuit Tin #1: Green/Gold Fingers

For those who follow our Instagram feed– you’ll know that we’ve recently moved into a new (to us!) house. When I’ve not been doodling Biscuits and packing up cushion orders over the past few weeks- we’ve been getting settled into our new home. We’ve been doing some painting, DIY, and have been getting accustomed to having our very first outdoor space- we have a beautiful garden! I thought it would be nice to share our progress through our blog- we’ve got a lot to learn!

B&Q recently got in touch asking if i’d like to try out their new “Easygrow” bedding plants. I’d seen them at Blogtacular earlier on this year and was intrigued to find out a wee bit more about them (they’re easy to plant as their roots are encased in a biodegradable teabag-type material! I couldn’t find any at my local store (see Sarah-Lou’s lovely post about them here) so decided to try out a few other bits and bobs instead.

I picked up a pack of 6 miniature bedding plants- which included a very cute holly and a baby ivy. I had a few old terracotta pots in our garden, so I also got some metallic enamel paint so that I could update them.


I’d bought a few toy dinosaurs from a charity shop a few weeks previous- after having seen some excellent Dino DIY ideas on Pinterest. The enamel paint worked on plastics too- so I decided to give my dinos a metallic make-over. I gave the dinos 2 coats of the paint- which went on really easily. I’ve spray painted plastic toys before- and this was definitely much less messy. I also liked that the paint was water-based- which means there was no fuss cleaning brushes with white spirits at the end.

Nikki_BandQ_dinos_02 Nikki_BandQ_dinos_03

Nikki_BandQ_dinos_04 Nikki_BandQ_dinos_05 Nikki_BandQ_dinos_06

My dad dropped by to help me pot up the bedding plants before we added our brass dinos to their new home.

We had a few indoor succelents and cacti at our old flat- so I decided to continue that theme by creating a pot-rockery with these three varieties. These were also from B&Q and as I recall were part of a multi-buy deal.

Creating a full sized rock garden was a bit daunting- so as a new gardener- this was a great starting point. Using a pot has also allowed me to move them around while I’ve been rearranging our outdoor seating area also- which is super handy!

Nikki_BandQ_pots_04Nikki_BandQ_pots_01 Nikki_BandQ_pots_02 Nikki_BandQ_pots_03

It’s been lovely to be able to enjoy our new outdoor space while the weather is still mild…and I’m looking forward to being able to use the baby Holly for some photos nearer Christmas time!

Thank you so much to B&Q for kindly providing the plants and materials that we used in this post. 



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