August in Pictures

Nikki McWilliams - August in Pictures

August is a month synonymous with the changing seasons- and for us, it’s been a period where a lot has changed in our lives. It feels like it’s happened quite quickly, but I’m feeling surprisingly well-adjusted!

1. We took a trip to IKEA to get a few new bits for the house. This included this delightful little succelent! I’ve started a series of posts entitled “Inside The Biscuit Tin” to document our progress behind the scenes of the business, in our new home. 

2. I spent a lovely evening with Hege as she hosted the very first Pinterest Pinbassador event at the South Block in Glasgow. You can read Hege’s post about the event (and see the moodboard that I made!) over on her blog here and follow her beautiful Pinterest boards here.

3. We tried these for the first time. They’re a pink, squidgy teacake type biscuit by Lees. I’m currently undecided on whether or not I like them!

4. WE GOT A KITTEN! Frankie has been settling in well since we got him 2 weeks ago. I wrote a post about him here and have also started a Pinterest board to document his growth

5. We’ve been doing a bit of painting at the new house. This beautiful “Arsenic” green by Farrow & Ball seemed appropriate for our front door.  

6. It’s been nice having visitors to our new space. My cousin Danni brought these lovely flowers! 

7. Have been adjusting to having a garden to tend to! We eased ourselves in gently with these pot rockeries.

8. Our new studio is taking shape! I DIY’d this using our an old IKEA Rusch Wall Clock and our Jammy Heart design.

9. A wee moving-in treat: have coveted this Swedish Green Trim phone for years. Finally, it’s ours! 

And that was our August! September is one of my favourite months of the year- starting t0 dress for the winter months, making preparations for the festive season ahead…and it’s also my birthday!

Hope you’ve all had an awesome August!


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