Nikki McWilliams X Boomf Gourmet Mallows – Giveaway

Nikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical MallowsNikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical Mallows Nikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical Mallows Nikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical Mallows Nikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical Mallows Nikki  McWilliams - Boomf Magical Mallows

Late last year the wonderful folks at Boomf got in touch to ask me if I’d like to design some Gourmet Mallows for them- and of course I said yes!

My Nikki McWilliams X Boomf Gourmet Mallows are on sale for a limited time from our Online Store and we’re also giving you the chance to win a set!

Two lucky winners will be chosen- to enter all you need to do is comment on this post below by answering the following question:

Q: How would you eat your Nikki McWilliams X Boomf Mallows?

We’re interested to hear all about the creative ways you might use your Mallows- in recipes, for special occasions or unusual ways to eat them.  You can enter once by commenting on this post- the giveaway is open to entrants worldwide.

We’ll select our two favourite answers this Friday the 16th of January- and announce them here after 18:00 GMT.

In the mean time, you can buy your own Nikki McWilliams X Boomf Gourmet Mallows here. They’re £15 per box and include free worldwide shipping. Woohoo!

Good luck everyone!



  • Victoria says:

    I would totally have to have a rockie road brownie marshmallow sandwich, Brownie with crushed biscuits (my fave is party rings or custard creams with a blondie) mini marshmallows macadamia nuts and some cheeky chunks of choc cut into squares with a pretty Boomf mallow on top! Mmmmm

  • Susan Barrie says:

    I’d probably look at them for ages thinking that they are far too pretty to eat, then use them to top cupcakes!

  • Ashlie Jones says:

    I mix melted marshmallows into salted fish popcorn push into a tin and drizzle with white chocolate and caramel!
    I cut it into bars and let it last me the rest of the day

  • Ashlie Jones says:

    Fresh! Not fish haha

  • vikki turner says:

    definitely on top of cake slices, nice lemon sponge so would be all marshmallow and lemon

  • Jasmine Miller says:

    I would definitely have one on top of a home made cup of cocoa, I would use the rest to decorate a cake to take into school for staff cake club and I would also take pictures of the set to teach my pupils about design 🙂

  • Rachel Powell says:

    I would combine them with Peanut Butter Ice cream and hot chocolate sauce…….OMG I want them now 🙂

  • jamie says:

    Definitely needs to be shared with my sister, mum and dad as these marshmallows decorated with our family favourite biscuits remind me of picnics, after school snacks, tea and sympathy and would be lovely with our treat drink, hot chocolate. As me and my sister used to say yummy in our tummy.

  • Clare says:

    id stick some lollipop sticks in em to make mallowpops and give them to my bestie, she loves a tea and biscuit combo, and i know she would LOVE these! <3 x

  • Ruth Hyde says:

    They are super cute! I would gift wrap them into cellophane bags with pretty ribbon for my friends with a reciepe card for the perfect hot chocolate…. Or I would make a no bake chocolate moose recipe thank you nigella!

  • Rebecca Williams says:

    I will eat them all by stuffing them in my mouth within 5 seconds of them arriving in the post!! X

  • Julie perry says:

    I would use them on top of my daughters Birthday cake I am making her. She loves her bikkies!

  • Jane says:

    I would eat them playing chubby bunny as marshmallows always hold fun childhood memories.

  • Nadine Griffiths says:

    I would pop them on top of the cream on my rather large hot chocolate xxx

  • Stephanie Andrew says:

    Simply floating atop a large hot chocolate, surrounded by whipped cream!! Mmmm….

  • mark Robinson says:

    I’d climb up a 60ft pole, open my face hole wide enough and then jump out hoping the mallowness would soften the blow just enough before it was accelerated over my tongue and into my stomach luge…

  • I’d parcel up a couple of lovely mallows with a sachet of lovely hoc choc and pop them through the letterbox of a pal who needed a pick-me-up 🙂

  • Zoe Hatfield says:

    I don’t think I could eat them, they look too amazing, so I think I’d have to give them to my friend for her birthday, she’d love them 🙂

  • Ellie says:

    I’d eat them like a S’more- toast the marshmallows, add a piece of chocolate and sandwich it all between some Digestive biscuits!

  • Polly says:

    I’d drop them into some lovely creamy hot chocolate and let them melt a little bit before getting a marshmallow tache from drinking them!

  • Lucy Barnard says:

    i would invest in some rather snazzy icing and make them into a little mallow tower with all the designs on the outside as my bricks ^_^

  • Laura hegarty says:

    Miserly, in secret, so no one else in my family could steal them away. I’d be shielding then with my arm and hissing ‘my precious’

  • Catherine says:

    I’d share them with my little girls who all dream of cupcakes, candy floss and marshmallow clouds.
    We’d enjoy them in an indoor picnic, sitting on a dotty rug, drinking hot chocolates topped with cream and custard creams on the side.
    And have Lalaloopsy dolls and unicorns as our guests.

  • Nicola Reed says:

    I am seeing some of my best pals soon that I haven’t seen in ages and already have some Edinburgh Gin liqueurs that will be getting cracked open for the occasion so I’m sure we could come up with some creative cocktails featuring these!

  • @KeyserSuze says:

    aw, they’re adorable! I think I would try and bake them into rectangular cookies and see if I can use them as ‘stamps’ – they’d be great to give to friends (or eat them myself…) thanks for the giveaway!

  • Emma Tysoe says:

    they’re too yummy too eat I’m sure my robot aibo puppy would like them as he’s called Marshmallow 🙂
    thought seriously…
    I think I’d have to host a tea party with hot chocolate, chocolate fountain and guests could choose how they want to eat their marshmallows either in the hot chocolate or dunking in the fountain. Lots of chocolatey, biscuity,sqwishy fun 🙂 (of course there would also be some party rings as you can’t have a party without them)

  • Rachel Powell says:

    I would add them to some Peanutbutter ice cream topped with a hot chocolate sauce…..OMG I need them

  • Victoria watt says:

    It’s my birthday on the 17th January. I would languish in a hot tub, serenaded by an Elvis impersonator from Blue Hawaii era, clutching a mahousive pina colada garnished with your magical mallows.

  • Jenny says:

    I’d be totally selfish and eat them with a cup of Horlicks before bed. Rock ‘n roll!

  • Michelle Latham says:

    It’s my friends 30th birthday & she loves anything to do with Alice in wonderland & tea parties. She had a tea party for her 21st & we are having afternoon tea for her 30th…I would give her these as a special extra for the afternoon tea!

  • Rebecca says:

    I would just love to make me and my boyfriend a mug of creamy white hot chocolate with cream and chocolate shavings and add the lovely marshmallows! Very classic, very tasty!

  • Jen says:

    Let them slowly melt away in my newly favourite Oreo cookie hot chocolate. They are fab I might even share them! hehe

  • I’d use them as the ultimate show stopper of a garnish on top of my golden popping candy tiffin, serving them as the ultimate biscuity treat!

  • Jem Harbot says:

    Hot chocolate, Baileys, whipped cream, chocolate flake, topped with BooMf marshmallows and eaten wearing my onesie! Yummy!

  • Sarah Brown says:

    I would light the fire, close the curtains, make it all warm and cozy. Make the hot chocolate and serve with a mallow floating on top. The perfect way to spend a winters night with my family.

  • I would make a super lovely cup of hot chocolate then whipped cream on top then to finish it off its own unique gourmet mallow on top! Great for cheering a friend up too! 🙂

  • I’d love to tell you I’d be all kind and sharing, and that I’d sit the family down to a lovely afternoon tea and bring out the gorgeous Boof/Nikki McWilliams collaborative mallows to a chorus of oohs and aahs, eyes like saucers. The truth is that I’d hide away from all the children (maybe in the shoe cupboard) and eat them quietly (maybe in the dark) in cases of emergency (hopefully infrequently, but probably all in one go on a really bad day).

  • Dawn says:

    Ooh so lovely! I think I’d have to hide them from my toddler and baby and treat my husband to some amaretto spiked hot chocolate with posh mallows on top before we hit the hay at 9pm. Rock and roll!

  • Julie says:

    I’d thread them and wear them as pendants for a cheeky snack on the go!

  • Jenny Bunting says:

    Well, I wouldn’t want to touch my marshmallows at first, as they look so beautiful, I would love to keep it forever and ever, But then I would give in and eat it eventually…. I would love to share the marshmallows with my boyfriend, infront of the wood burning fire, sipping hot chocolate, whilst in our onsies 😉
    (And Ofcourse now I really fancy marshmmallows!) Nom. Fingers crossed. Good luck everyone 🙂 x

  • Julie Hobson says:

    I would love to invite my sister over and have high tea wearing heels, a hat a very English tea dress and set the world to rights! May even make it giggly one by adding a bit of fizz too 😉

  • Christina Morrison says:

    After staring at them for ages and admiring the prettyfullness, i would share them with my girls at uni, devouring them in a flash 🙂 we have a hard slog now with studying and starting our dissertation but 221 days until we finish and become qualified nurses!!! Eeeek! 🙂 xxx

  • Debbie Yates says:

    I would munch them on the sofa surrounded by my 5 biscuit cushions whilst revising for my dental nursing exam! (Don’t tell anyone!)

  • Sheryl says:

    Not sure if I could eat them, they’re so pretty! But I would have to share them with my husband and 2 daughters and put them in our hot chocolates, to warm up in this horrible weather!

  • Rebecca Carter says:

    I would like to say id share them but i wouldnt. I would like to say id eat them slowly and elegantly i really wouldnt. id inhale them, toast them and they will sit pretty on top of my hot chocolate 🙂

  • Dawn says:

    Ooh gorgeous! I would hide them from my toddler and baby and save them for my husband and I to enjoy in an amaretto spiked hot chocolate before heading to bed at 9pm. Rock and Roll!!!

  • Melissa says:

    I would admire their beauty for a good while and then enjoy them with some hot tea as a special treat after a day of hard work…

  • Kerri Davies says:

    I would look at them debating whether i could actually eat something so fab! I would then either put them on top of a huge mug of a hot chocolate ( would then take many photos!) and i would also put them on some some cupcakes (again taking lots of photos!) What could be more perfect than combining the designs of my favourite cushions and my love of baking!? These are just fab 🙂

  • Jo says:

    Atop a proper hot chocolate so it can be admired fully before being consumed. Melt some good quality chocolate in a pan of full fat milk with a dash of honey. Just before boiling point take off the heat, add a tiny slug of rum and pour into your favourite mug. Pop a beautiful marshmallow on top and enjoy! Slipper and blanket optional but encouraged.

  • Christine Colgrave says:

    I’d share with my work colleagues and either chase away those Monday morning blues or celebrate because its Friday!!


    I would just swallow them whole

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