New Foil Biscuit Prints

Gold and Ruby Jammy Heart print by Nikki McWilliams

Copper Bourbon Biscuit Print by Nikki McWilliams

A few weeks ago we sneaked some photos of our shiny new biscuit foil prints onto our instagram- and you loved them! We’ve now added these to our online store as individual prints at £12.50 and also as a set of all three for the deal price of £35.

Nikki McWilliams - Set of 3 Foil Prints

So far, there’s been lots of lovely photos of our new foil prints all framed and looking great in your homes. If you’d like to share yours- don’t forget to use the hashtag #nikkimcwilliams so that we can find you!

Love and Biscuits,


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