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Nikki McWilliams - New Additions to the Bsicui

It’s been quite a wee while since our blog has had a post all of its own (the last few months have been much more social media-centric!) so I wanted to take the time to write a little update.

The first part of this year has seen a few exciting changes- we’ve been busy making LOADS of new things: Cushions, Banners, Prints and Tape. Designing new stuff is – hands down- the best part of my job- and I’ve really enjoyed sharing these creations with you (see above for most of them!)

Please Pay Here Handpainted sign in pretty pastels & Kraft paper.


I’ve also been settling into a new home workspace- after moving from my rented studio in Dundee last year. This was something that I was apprehensive about – as I hadn’t worked from home since 2012 (and when I did it was from a desk in the corner of our 35m2 flat).

Since moving to our new house, I’m lucky to have a dedicated work room- which I use as my combined studio and office space. I painted the whole room white- as this is something that I’ve found that I always associate with a creative workspace, and used a few props from events I’ve hosted in the past to decorate. Like my last workspace- this one has a lovely big window- and the room is always bright and welcoming- and a little toastier than my mill-conversion studio was- which is a welcome change!

One thing that I’ve found I really prefer about working from my new space- is the flexibility it affords me to work when I want. During my time at my rented studio- I tended to treat going to the studio like a 9-5. This worked well for me for a while- but in a lot of ways I found it quite frustrating. It was great for doing tasks that I really considered “work”, like paperwork and admin- but there was a lot of pressure to be creative within that window of time during the day. I’d find myself finishing up for the evening, and being hit with a flash of inspiration whilst walking home or cooking the tea. Having my materials at the studio often stopped me from grabbing some pencils or fabric and jotting down or trying out an idea.

I also started missing spending my evenings being creative- and I found that a lot of my best work was being done later on in the day.

And that’s when I realised that for me, being a creative isn’t a 9-5.  Being a creative is my job- but it’s not one that I want to feel restricted in- after all- this was one of the reasons why I decided to be my own boss in the first place. I know that this way of working won’t suit everyone- but the beauty of being the Boss of You is that you can organise your time in the way that works best: for you.

SO- having said that, I’m really enjoying my new work space, and I’d like to think that it shows.

In other news- we’ve just moved our online store from the Big Cartel address firmly over to More on that soon!

Biscuit hugs,



  • Marc waters says:

    Just a quick question and out of curiosity how many people work for you now?

  • Ali says:

    I love working from home, though up until a few months ago it was the two of us both working in our tiny tiny flat which was pretty hellish. We still need to do lots of work to our new dedicated work room but I love being able to work any time of day (or night) but then be able to shut the door and escape from it all if I need to :o)

    • Hey Ali! Michael and I were in this situation at one point- we had a 1 bedroom flat: I had a desk in the living room & he worked in the bedroom. That was pretty tough. I think it’s important to have separate work and living spaces- I don’t mind so much if they’re nearby 🙂

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