DCA Craft Sunday: Brilliant Banner Round Up

Neoprene foam stamps make perfect printing blocks!

A super quick round up with some photos for you today- documenting the Craft Sunday session that I hosted with DCA Dundee on the 24th of of May.

We had 18 enthusiastic crafters join us for a day of printing and banner making and tea drinking- a totally perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
Crafters planned their banners by sketching out their designs

Letterpress blocks can be used to print too!

Everyone’s work was unique- and it was lovely to see folks enjoying learning a new process- and then making it their own. Here’s a selection of some of the finished banners from the day- aren’t they a treat? Helen (creator of “The End is Nigh” cheerily sinister banner) wrote a post about her experience of the day here too.

A selection of the finished banners, printed and made at DCA Craft Sunday

Thank you again to the DCA for having me along.


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