Taste Test – ASDA Custard Cream Biscuit Ice-Creams

Custard Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches at ASDA

Over the last week or so- I’ve had SO many folks get in touch to tell me about these Custard Cream Biscuit Ice Creams from ASDA. Never one to pass up the chance to try a new variety of sweet treat, I picked up a box from our local store to carry out an official biscuit-lady taste test.

Our Custard Creams Cushions are one of our all-time best sellers- and my go-to biscuit tin favourite. This aside- I absolutely love Ice Cream sandwiches. They’re not so popular here in the UK (let’s face it, our ice cream season is pretty short in Scotland) but they remind me of trips to Cyprus to visit our grandparents when we were little. The closest thing that’s on the market here is Nestle’s Maxibon (which is half biscuit, half chocolate coated).

So- you can imagine my excitement to hear that, A) Ice Cream sandwiches have finally arrived & B) THAT THEY WERE MADE OUT OF CUSTARD CREAMS.

Custard Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches at ASDA

Each box contains 6 individually wrapped ice creams, which are a little bigger than a regular sized Custard Cream Biscuit. The biscuit itself is soft to bite into (much like the ice cream sandwiches from holidays gone-by) and tastes pretty much just like a Custard Cream.

Custard Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches at ASDA

The filling is a plain vanilla ice-cream- which is good combined with the Custard Cream sandwich layers. It’s a soft-mix ice-cream, and we ate them right out of the box without having to let them defrost.

As a devoted biscuit fanatic, I’d buy these again. If you’re into classic biccies & summer treats- then I’m sure you’ll love them too. I’ve even been inspired to make my own ice-cream sandwich recipes…watch this space!

I’ve also seen ads for a Bourbon ice cream too- but we couldn’t find those in our local store. I’ll keep my eyes peeled and let you know if we can get our hands on them too.

Have you tried these yet? What do you think?


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