DIY Tunnocks Teacake Festive Wreath

DIY Tunnocks Teacake Festive Wreath by Nikki McWilliams

I posted an instagram of this year’s Tunnocks inspired festive DIY yesterday (last year’s Teacake Christmas Puddings are still one of my most popular pins EVER!)- and I wanted to share a few pointers on how I made my festive Tunnocks Teacake Wreath.

This is the first living wreath that I’ve attempted to make- and It was much less tricky than I had imagined it would be! It took me around 1.5 hrs from start to finish, with the materials costing me under £10. Ok- here goes!

You will need:


  1. I used cuttings from a Conifer in our garden. I started on the outer edge of the Oasis Wreath, pushing small Conifer cuttings into the edge. I made sure my cuttings were at a 45 degree angle to the Oasis so that it didn’t end up too big and had a nice sweeping circular appearance. 
  2. Using larger cuttings for the outer edge, and smaller pieces as I filled in the gaps, I worked my way into the centre until it was covered fully in Conifer. You could use a variety of foliage, if you have it!
  3. Although lots of you thought that the teacakes on the wreath were real live chocolate teacakes- my list of materials above has probably given the game away! I wanted to hang my wreath outdoors, so I choose to eat my teacakes first (oh well!) and use the foil to cover some polystyrene balls to act as Teacake baubles!
  4. I wrapped the foil around each ball, and then pressed a metal hanging pin into the reverse. This helped to secure the foil- and gives you a loop to tie them onto your wreath.
  5. With a piece of fish gut, secure each Teacake Bauble in place on your wreath. Repeat with pine cones and assorted baubles if you want to add a little more festive cheer!

Let me know if you give this a go- we’d love to see your photos too- so don’t forget to tag us in your pics so we can see how you get on.

Happy Dunking!


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