Biscuit Porridge Bowls for a camping adventure!

Nikki's Millets Camping AdventureCaramel Wafer Porridge Bowls

Scotland is one of the only places where wild camping (that’s pitching your tent outwith an organised campsite) is allowed. We took a trip to the east coast with some friends earlier on in the year, and got bitten hard by the camping bug (legend has it that there’s no midgies on the east…so there was no danger of any other kinds of bite!)

The cold weather has already started to draw in- but we managed to squeeze in one last camping trip of the year to a little glen nearby. The good folks at Millets were kind enough to send us this amazing tent and camping gear- so we had a little bit more room than the (cute and retro, but a little on the wee side!) tent that we borrowed from our chums last time.

Nikki's Millets Camping Adventure

Naturally, we couldn’t leave biscuit HQ for the evening without our favourite cushions…so a Nice Biscuit made it into our pack to make our neat folding chairs extra comfy for the evening.

We cooked our food on sticks over a campfire on our first trip- and if you don’t have any other options- this is a pretty good method when it comes to wild cooking! Our hamper of camping goodies included a portable stove– and a whole set of nesting pots, which meant our food options increased tenfold!
Nikki's Millets Camping Adventure
Nikki's Millets Camping Adventure

Camping in late October isn’t for the faint hearted- so we decided to pack some ingredients for a warming brekkie that we could look forward to in the morning. The stove is small but our porridge was cooked and piping hot within a few minutes- the perfect way to start the day amongst the Scottish countryside!
Caramel Wafer Porridge Bowls

Biscuit Porridge Bowls – Ingredients (Makes 2 bowls):

60g Rolled Porridge Oats

600ml Milk 

2 Caramel Wafers or your favourite biscuit

Handful of Mini Marshmallows


Dark Chocolate Chips

Flaked Almonds

Caramel Wafer Porridge Bowls Caramel Wafer Porridge Bowls Caramel Wafer Porridge Bowls

We enjoyed this so much we decided to make it again when we got home- the perfect treat breakfast! If you’re looking for a warming brekkie with a guy fawkes twist this weekend, why not sprinkle yours with a little bit of popping candy?

This post was created in collaboration with Millets, who provided our super camping gear!


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