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Nikki McWilliams

I listen to Podcasts almost every day of the week. I subscribe to lots, across a really broad range of topics from creativity to business, storytelling and inspiration.

I’ve attended Blogtacular in London since its launch in 2014- and every year it proves to be a super inspiring, whirlwind of weekend.  Kat announced that they’d be starting a podcast to run alongside the conference and I knew it was going to be good.  When she asked me to be part of the second season- I didn’t think twice!

In Episode 015 I chat to Kat about my creative journey (including the very first things I made to sell) and my definition of success.

Grab a cuppa, subscribe and listen via iTunes or on the Blogtacular website.

Like what you hear? Every episode is full of little gems, but some of my favourite episodes from Season One definitely include 2016 keynote Lisa Congdon’s chat about finding her path (Episode 006) and Leona of LuckyDipClub’s business journey (Episide 005).

Happy listening, friends! I’d love to hear what you think- leave me a comment below or even write a review of the show on itunes.

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  • Claire Leach says:

    I listened the other day and really found it very inspiring. I loved hearing your story and how you turned a love of biscuits and all things British into a business!

    Also fascinated to learn how your degree was in fine art (same as me!) and what being on a fine art course was like for you. I only hope I can put my degree to good use at some point too! 🙂

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