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Nikki McWilliams Creative Tech ListOne thing that I get asked over and over is what equipment I use for my work. I don’t have a tonne of tech (I suppose I’m pretty old school in a lot of ways!) but I do have a squad of firm favourites that I use on a daily basis- so I wanted to share these with you.

I’ll pop links to where you can find these below the numbered image to make it super easy for you to check them out.


Nikki McWilliams Creative Tech List

  1. Manfrotto 190 Horizontal Arm Tripod
  2. Canon G7x ii Camera
  3. Joby Hybrid Gorillapod
  4. Canon G7x ii Spare Battery
  5. Sandisk Ultra High Speed SD Card
  6. Intenso USB Hard Drive
  7. Joby Smartphone Tripod & Phone Grip
  8. Wacom Tablet
  9. Macbook Air
  10. SD Card & Battery Case
  11. EasyAcc 4 Charge Portable Battery pack

(Not Pictured)

  1. iMac 21.5″ Desktop (I upgraded to a Fusion Drive on mine)
  2. iPad Air 2
  3. Epson SX435x Printer / Scanner (There’s an updated version of this now)




Camera: Canon G7x Mark ii

Main uses: Vlogs & Youtube videos, Product photography & Instagram shots

I bought my Canon G7x ii at the end of 2016 with the intention of using it as a Vlogging camera (as it has that neat flip up selfie screen) but it soon overtook my Sony a6000 for product shots and instagram photography.

It’s smaller and lighter than the Sony- which encourages me to take it everywhere with me, without the worry of carrying extra lenses.

As for product shooting- I love the G7X ii for its excellent macro and wide angle lens for flatlay photos. I don’t think I could go back to a non-touch screen camera after using this one either- the tap to focus feature is my absolute favourite.

It’s perfect for Instagram shots too- as you can WiFi connect to your phone and bump photos across to post there and then.


Tripod: Manfrotto 190 

Main Uses: Studio Product Photography & Instagram shots

I spent years balancing a camera on stacks of books before I bit the bullet and invested in a decent tripod…and what a difference it’s made! In Scotland we sometimes only get a few hours of daylight in the winter months, so being able to keep my camera steady and shoot a long exposure means I can photograph (still objects!) all year round.

I chose the Manfrotto 190 as it has a horizontal arm which is perfect for shooting flatlays and downward product photography shots. The one I ordered came without a ball head, which I ordered separately.


Tripod: Joby Hybrid

Main Uses: Vlogging & on the go photography

For taking out and about, I have a Joby Hybrid Video gorilla pod. This is a good style of tripod for filming and is small enough to pack in a backpack whilst travelling. You can curl the legs around objects to shoot from fun angles which is useful!


Power Bank: EasyAcc Portable Charger

Main Uses: Keeping my phone ALIVE on the go!

The thought of my iPhone’s battery dying whilst I’m out and about actually gives me the fear. I know that I’m a heavy user when it comes to phone power- and when I’m out of the studio for an event you can be certain that I’ll be at 14% by 11am.

I carry my EasyAcc with me whenever I’m out of plug socket range, and it’ll charge my phone fully 4 times when it’s full.


More Power: Canon G7x ii Spare Battery

Just like the power bank for your phone- having a back up battery for your camera is a total game changer. The genuine ones aren’t super cheap, but just think of all of the times your camera battery has died on jaunts out of the studio and the photo opportunities you’ve missed.

Even when you’re near to a power source, having a 2nd pre-charged battery ready to go means no waiting around for your one and only battery to charge between shots. I thank myself for investing in this every time my camera’s battery runs flat!


I’ve had some of these things for a while now- and I know they might not be the most up to date (I really fancy an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil after watching ONR Shop‘s mad skills on instagram stories) but they’re still working really well for me at the moment. 

When it comes to design- I love a bit of analogue doodling though- and I could write a whole post about what stationery I use to create. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested to hear about and i’ll get busy on that too!

Do you use any of these things to create? Let me know if you have any questions about my kit and i’ll do my best to answer them in the comments.



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Disclaimer: Some of the links to products that I’ve included are affiliate links. They aren’t any pricier, but I’ll get a wee reward if you decide to order anything. 

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