Capturing Memories with Mixbook


If you’re anything like me- flipping through a tattered shoe box of old photographs is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Nowadays- almost everyone carries a super-high quality camera around with them in their pocket (in the form of a smartphone) with most of our personal photography being shared amongst friends on social media. And don’t get me wrong- I’m a big fan of being able to instantly share a snap with buddies online- but there’s something really special about holding photographs in your hands too.

We took a big trip this summer (we’re talking bucket list style adventures here) and I knew that it had to be documented well. I spent a lot of time filming our adventures- which became this little film on Youtube but also took hundreds of photographs.

I discovered Mixbook whilst at Alt Summit in Palm Springs this year and was really impressed with their pre-designed photobook layouts. My first thoughts were to create a book for our wedding photos (that’s still on my to-do list…) but when I came across Hello Lucky’s California Dreamin’ Photo Book I had to use it to create a book of memories from our trip.


We took a fairly well trodden route (the famous Pacific Coast Highway- Route 1) for most of our journey- so page templates for most of our destinations like San Francisco, Santa Cruz and LA were included within Hello Lucky‘s awesome design. I used lots of the layouts exactly as they were because they were just so darn cute, and customised a few using the pre-designed backgrounds and stickers. I totally LOVE the scrapbook style and the ability to add your own photo captions & text made our book super easy to customise and make our own.

Want a peep at the rest of our book? Here ya go!

MIXBOOK_NikkiMcWilliams_Bright_WEB-29 MIXBOOK_NikkiMcWilliams_Bright_WEB-14MIXBOOK_NikkiMcWilliams_Bright_WEB-23 MIXBOOK_NikkiMcWilliams_Bright_WEB-21 MIXBOOK_NikkiMcWilliams_Bright_WEB-20


It’s been a really long time since I’ve printed photographs, and after taking the time to make this book I know it’s a tradition that I need to uphold.  In years to come, I want to look back on our memories in books like these and remember the adventures that we had.

Mixbook have got a lovely selection of book templates for you to choose from including some ace wedding-y ones, which I think i’ll be trying out next. Go check them out and let me know what you create!



Our photobook and this post were created in collaboration with Mixbook.


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