Create a Kick-Ass Etsy Store with Me!

Create a Kick-Ass Etsy Store with Nikki McWilliams


After my first class of #EtsyEducators graduating in October 2017, my online business school is opening for another term. Create a Kick-Ass Etsy Store with me starting this March 19th 2018!

I started my creative business in 2009 and I’ve learned so much along with way. I remember what it was like to open a brand new online store and how exciting it was when my first sale finally pinged into my inbox.

I also remember how hard it was. Running an internet shop was a pretty new concept back then, and I didn’t have anyone that I could ask for advice or guidance. Even now, there’s a lot to learn when it comes to starting up and it can be pretty daunting to leap in blind. I get so many emails and DMs asking for business advice- and the truth is- there isn’t always a short answer.

So that’s where my new Create a Kick-Ass Etsy Store online course comes in! I’ve put together a 5 week programme packed full of the things I know can make all the difference when you’re starting out.


• 5 Video Lectures (one per week)

• Downloadable check-lists to help you action your new knowledge and achieve your goals

• Weekly homework tasks

• Access to our private class Facebook Group. Connect with your class-mates and & share your progress with the group

• Weekly Facebook Live Q&A Sessions with Nikki & support during the course dates

BONUS: Class Stationery Pack worth £25 (because the first day at school isn’t complete without a new pencil case!)

I’ve written about the course curriculum in detail over here so pop over and have a read if you’re interested to learn more.

Class starts on the 19th of March 2018 and I can’t wait to meet my new students! The course fee is £90 and covers all elements of the course over 5 weeks.



Join the Class of 2018 - Nikki McWilliams

Here’s some nice things that my last class had to say:

“I’d just like to say a huge thanks to Nikki for creating such an inspiring course. It got me super motivated to get my little creative business idea off the ground. The lectures gave me a fantastic insight into how to use Etsy to its fullest potential, but on top of that I’m now way more confident with the branding, photography and social media side of things too.

“The live Q&As worked really well, this was my favourite part of the course. Nikki made sure she answered all of our questions thoroughly, and it was great to receive feedback and comments from an Etsy expert in real time!”

“Nikki was fantastic and answered all our questions in depth and gave examples and links. She was so positive and encouraging. Great thanks to her and to the rest of the group who all shared their ideas, experiences, support and links freely.”

“It was such a motivational course, a kick start in the right direction. Thanks for all your support!”

“Nikki did a really good job getting to know us all. The amount of time and effort she put into all of the course from making the presentations to taking the time to do a love Q&A everything about the course was so detailed and considered.”

“The presentations were easy to follow and the prefect length to fit into a lunch break or an evening. The live Q&A sessions were amazing, people asked such a varied range of questions that really helped to extend our knowledge of the subject.”

“So excited to use all my newly learnt skills and knowledge to set up my own Etsy store. Thanks Nikki!”

“It was an amazing course! I had an idea that I had been working on then your course came along and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take just to even see if I knew what I was doing/ if I could do and I am very happy to say it won’t be long until my idea will be a real thing, thank you so much Nikki!”

Ready to Create your own Kick-Ass Etsy store? LET’S GO! 

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