Living the Pink Lounge Dream


It’s taken us the best part of six months- but our Living Room update is finally complete!

After the coldest winter we’ve ever experienced here in Scotland, we treated our old draughty house to a lovely new log burner. Our Living Room did have an original fire place (although we’d never used it and it was hidden behind one of those real flame electric heaters) and if you fancy a peep there’s lots of before photos and some WIP videos over on my IG Story highlights.

Naturally I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to give the whole room a massive (pink) overhaul to focus on our toasty new centre piece. I plan every big project on Pinterest (here’s the board for this one) as I’m a visual person and I like to see how everything works together- also I’ve found that having boards for your project are super handy when it comes to explaining your vision to the folks who are helping you with the work.

Getting a log burner was a very BIG DEAL for us (sitting in front of a wood burning stove, surrounded by cats when it’s cold and winterous outside was up there with my top 5 life goals) and we did a tonne of research on the size and type of stove as well as the aesthetics of it all before we got started.

We had lots of friends recommend JM Wild Fireplaces– so we visited their nearby showroom and Mark came out to survey the room. We were super impressed with Mark’s work so we got started straight away, choosing an 8kw Dunsley Highlander multi-fuel stove- as the room is large and the ceilings are high.

We decided to go for some lovely concrete hearth tiles from Bert & May and then a properly thick and chunky rug from West Elm that would cover the main floor area right up to the edge of the fireplace. We had a thin acrylic rug from IKEA (you know the monochrome geometric one that everyone has at one point in time) before and while it did the job and looked pretty good for four whole years- I don’t have a single regret about switching to something that’s cosier underfoot.

We also had a big rectangular mirror that we’d used above the old mantle- but it looked a bit plain in the grand scheme of things- so thought it was only right to go all out with a new statement mirror instead.

Mark and his lovely team took care of absolutely everything for the installation- including all the extra fiddly bits like sourcing the mantle in the finish we wanted, smoothing and pointing the original sandstone, laying the hearth tiles and they even hung the mirror at the end too!

Now that the weather is starting to turn again- we’ve had the stove on most evenings and the cats have been stuck to the living room like glue. Even though I’m a bit sad to see the summer end- I absolutely can’t wait to get a cosied up at home through autumn and winter.

The coloured walls changed from F&B Print Room Yellow to Confetti by Little Green Paint Company – while we chose to keep the others in Strong White for a bit of balance.

Another big change we made was to get rid of our TV.  We stopped using it for live television years ago, and only kept it in the corner to occasionally plug the iPad in for Netflix. But after a while- it just became a big black rectangle in the corner that gathered dust- and we knew it was time for it to go. The TV corner is now a lovely peaceful reading nook- where the freshly reupholstered vintage Parker Knoll sits.

I’ve popped links to as much as I can in the captions below the photos- but if you’ve got any questions just leave me a comment and i’ll do my best to get back to you! Ok, here goes! Here are some of my favourite details from the room:

This Mongolian Lamb Stool* is perfection!

Frankie’s little nose matches the walls! It was meant to be.

I made this storage jar at a Ceramics class this year- obviously it’s cat-inspired!

We finally gave the room the light fitting it deserved with this Sphere & Stem Chandelier*

The giant fairground letters are something that I get asked about all the time. I actually made these as props for our wedding reception out of white foam board and battery powered fairy lights- and although they cost a few quid to put together I couldn’t bear to get rid of them. So now they sit above our couch and we have our initials in lights while we watch Netflix because we are those people.

The north facing window provides great diffused light for rooting cuttings

This space has evolved so much over the last few years- and I know this won’t be the last time. The addition of the extra armchairs has made the space so much more versatile- and I’ve found myself using parts of the room that were totally dormant before… not to mention the extra nap locations that the cats have discovered!

Right now we’re piling up the log store and getting really good at lighting fires in the stove- we are so ready for you, winter!

What do you think of our new space? Are you excited for coorying up inside once the cold weather hits?

*West Elm have kindly gifted me the items marked with an asterisk, which I was under no obligation to post about or review, but I couldn’t resist sharing how our new Living Room turned out!

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