Our Legendary Sample Sale – 2020


It’s that time again at Biscuit HQ – we’re almost ready for our annual Sample Sale!

We’ve saved up every cushion, necklace, pin and print that don’t meet our *ridiculously* high standards over the last 12 months and now we’re prepping for a mega sale to clear the decks.  There’ll be up to 50% off of items that have slight flaws (some which are so minuscule that they’re only noticeable to our highly trained biscuit eyes) along with some sample stock, and a few items that are being discontinued too.

I’ll be sharing a preview of our sale offering on Instagram LIVE this Friday 24th of January. Follow me there for the first look! 


Until then- here’s a sneaky heads up: we’re discontinuing our Vinyl Tape!

Over the last year, we’ve made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of single use plastics we use at Biscuit HQ (see my blog post for more details here) and with that we’ve decided to discontinue our Vinyl Deco Tape. We’ve found a lovely alternative in our Biscuits Kraft Tape (which you all seem to LOVE) so while we’re sad to see it go, it feels good not to be creating any more plastic based tapes. All remaining stock of our Vinyl Tape will be included in our sale this Friday 31st of January for only £3 per roll (was £6)

Join us from 7am GMT at nikkimcwilliams.com for the first pick of the goodies!

Here are some handy tips for smart Sample Sale Shopping:

1. Be there early! The sale will be live at www.nikkimcwilliams.com from 7AM GMT on 31st January 2020.

2. There will be a link that says SAMPLE SALE in the navigation bar/menu at the top of the page.

3. Go to checkout quickly. Our store doesn’t reserve items in your basket– things are only yours once the payment has been confirmed.

4. If you shop more than once (in multiple transactions) your orders will be sent separately.

5. We can have a high volume of orders, so please be patient with shipping. We’ll send you a notification once your order is on the way but this might take longer than usual.

Excited? WE ARE! Remember to join us at www.nikkimcwilliams.com at 7am GMT on the 31st of January 2020.

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